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Yoga 920 Wireless Connection Issue when Changing Wifi Networks

I currently have a Qualcom Wireless AC Card in my Yoga 920. When I change wifi networks, I don't always get the internet going right away (we have 2 networks at home and several different networks in the office). I would need to right click on the wifi icon in the task bar and click on troubleshoot, then wait for it to fix itself. This happens probably 90% of the time when I change networks (ie Home network, then when at the office, I connect to the Work network and have to perform the troubleshoot to get the internet going then vice versa when back home. Or even changing between our 2 different Home networks - as in from different ISPs and not just changing between 2.4 and 5ghz connection).


Also, is there something wrong with Chrome for the 920? When I change networks, and get the internet going (as in the wifi icon property says that there is internet and the yellow triangle exclamation is not present anymore), google chrome does not automatically connect to the internet and load pages. Edge, on the other hand, does not have issues upon gaining internet connection after the troubleshoot.


For reference, I have a custom built desktop. I have an Intel AC 8265 in it, and it does not have this issue when switching between our home networks and chrome does not any issue as well.


So yeah, I have two issues. Any ideas? 

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Re: Yoga 920 Wireless Connection Issue when Changing Wifi Networks

First, update to all the latest drivers and BIOS. Lenovo Vantage might or might not catch the BIOS. You may have to download that one, yourself. For some, that's been enough to fix it.


Next, update the firmware on your router. Check its settings to make sure you haven't limited the number of WiFi devices that can connect to it. 


Then go into Device Manager > Network Adapters and right click on the Qualcomm Atheros. Under the Advanced tab, set the Roaming Aggressiveness to 3 or lower.


That's fixed it for most.  If it continues, report back with errors you see in your Event Viewer > Windows > System. If you see a lot of DCOM or WLAN errors, something else may be amiss. (On my 910, I had a zillion DCOM permissions issues I had to go in and fix thanks to a WIndows Update wreck).


For others, throwing in the towel on the Qualcomm card and installing an Intel seems to have resolved things. I have a 910 and 920.  I downloaded WiFi Scanner from the Windows Store and found neighbors hopping on and off of the same WiFi channels I was on. (This didn't seem to bother my wife's laptop with a Dell WiFi card). I forced my router to stick to the 5GHz channel nobody else appeard to be using and gave that a different SSID so I could make the laptops only connect to that channel at 5Ghz. Now, both are blazing fast at point-blank range and still fast enough to stream video from my patio, some 20 yards and one floor away. 

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