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Punch Card
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Re: Yoga 920 and Thunderbolt Dock

A Titan Ridge chip based Thunderbolt 3 vdevice will work in USB 3 mode at 5 or 10 gbs with a computer that does not have a Thunderbolt 3 chip in it but ( either Alpine Ridge or Titan Ridge) but which supports USB 3 .1 gen1 or gen 2. An early Alpine Ridge chip based Thunderbolt 3 device will only work with a thunderbolt 3 computer in thunderbolt 3 mode as it has no default to USB 3 mode.


In Australia at least no Yoga 920 had Thunderbolt 3 chips installed just USB 3 port and even that was not particualry stable with Titan Ridge devices and needed careful control of the plug and play sequence to get a USB 3 connection and display port to work. I know this is true as Lenovo gave me a full refund based on their claim of having tunderbolt port on a C920 as being false

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 920 and Thunderbolt Dock

Hi there,


Hope you can help. I own a yoga 920 as well as a thunderbolt 3 dock.

I managed to get the mouse to work by download thunderbolt 3 driver.

Charging plus hdmi to screen works as well, however, the power button on the dock doesnt work.

Can you help me solve this last issue?


Thanks in advance!!



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 920 and Thunderbolt Dock

Does it require a special driver? Does your power button on the TB3 work as it should?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga 920 and Thunderbolt Dock

I wish I could help you on this.  I have completely given on on this product.  I am now having to send this laptop back for the second time in 6 months to get fixed which required me to transport a replacement(My laptop) to my daughter who is at college which is over a hundred miles away (last night) so she is not down and only had to reinstall everything and transfer her data. .(Programming classes)  Lenovo will do their standard 1-2 week turn on the laptop after I pay $50 postage.  My daughter doesn't want anything to do with this very expensive latop and I can't really blame her.  The cost of this in stress is huge for her.   Looking other places for laptops now that Lenovo has destroyed their brand in my view. 

For the docking station isses, the lenovo support is "not good" as hinted at since we are now on page 10 of this forum...  That should be a HUGE warning sign...  I eventually bought a pluggable one since the Lenovo docking stations will not work with the Lenovo laptops for some reason.  Stupid me, I thought they would...  More brand image damage...

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 920 and Thunderbolt Dock

I’ve installed every lmaginable driver. Now at least my mouse works, however, i cannot turn on the laptop with the docks power button, nor close the laptop lid without it going to sleep mode.



What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 920 and Thunderbolt Dock

@Qwest905 - I have the same set-up TS3+ with Yoga 920 but have jumpy keyboard/mouse. Admittedly I have these on a USB switch between the TS3+ and a desktop (makeshift KVM so to speak).


Has there been a recent TB3 update for the Lenovo that helped with your setup?

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