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What's DOS?
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Yoga 920 backlight bleed



I just got my new Yoga 920 - really liking it so far.


There is a small amount of backlight bleed at the bottom of the screen - it's something I can live with, but considering it's a top of the line machine and cost a lot of money, is any amount of backlight bleed acceptable?


I'm not sure if I should consider returning it and getting a new one, and risk getting one that is even worse.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Many thanks



What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 920 backlight bleed

I have the same backlight bleed issue with the 920 4k version and will likely return it to bb for a replacement. I'm curious if this is a design issue with the bottom bezel or just a few machines? I would rather rather exchange it for something different if it's a common problem. It kinda defeats the purpose of getting a 4k screen if the picture is flawed. 


I've played with every brightness/contrast setting in the intel panel and have had no luck finding a setting that eliminates the bleed.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 920 backlight bleed

I thought I had the same issue, (a thin band of light that's peeking out at the bottom of the screen and a couple of pixels in the bottom right corner).


However, when I noticed that that when the taskbar comes up (and hides it) I then saw that the band of light matches the width of the search box and this vertical line to the right.


Does yours look the same?

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