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Yoga 920 - help choosing RAM, docking station

I'm looking at replacing my desktop PC with a laptop & docking station. This is for combined small business and personal use. I thought I needed 16 GB RAM but after some reading, I wonder if it might be overkill. Here is what I often have open all at once: MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel, File Explorer, Edge (with up to 20 tabs), Chrome (with possibly another 5-10 tabs). I don't edit videos or photos, use CAD or use the computer for games, so I thought 8 GB might be plenty, but I've been reading that if you like to keep 30 tabs open on a browser, 16 GB is better. I often keep at least 15 open along with several MS Office apps at the same time. I've read that the RAM in the Yoga 920 cannot be upgraded. Should I spend the extra $ for 16 GB from the start?


Second question, I want to use a docking station to connect the Yoga to 2 external monitors. One is older and only has a VGA cable. The other has optional VGA or HDMI cable connections. Can someone recommend a docking station that would be suitable? Thanks.

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Re: Yoga 920 - help choosing RAM, docking station

The RAM on the 920 is soldered in, so it's not something you can upgrade. I've always gone for the most I can get as I expect these things to last a few years and each new update to software seems to require more and more resources from the computer. So, better to have more than you need now than kick yourself later. That's MY credo. 

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