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Yoga 920 here, Plugged in; not charging

Hi all. I've snooped around the first and second pages of google on how to fix my problem (see title), but I'm not technologically saavy and don't really understand what might happen to my computer. So anyways. The 'deets.


I've been using my 920 for about 7 months now as a school computer, haven't had any major mishaps with it. I keep it clean both physically and virtually. Just 2 hours ago, my charger stopped working: the charging light is on, the usb-c cable works on other electronics, and the computer displays "Plugged In, Not Charging." I've tested with other cables on this computer and receive the same message. If anyone has some tips, and could explain how and why they work in layman terms that would be extremely helpful!



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Re: Yoga 920 here, Plugged in; not charging

What is the charge level?  If its like 96% for example it wont charge until it hits 95% to preserve the battery.  Also check Lenovo Vantage.  Do you have conservation mode turned on?  Those would be my first 2 things to check.

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