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Paper Tape
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Yoga C930 Glass - Very Hot

Hi All,


I got new laptop YOGA C93013IKB Glass 2 days ago, but I noticed that Laptop temperature is very high specially while charging or playing simple games like asphalt 9. 


I opened Lenovo vantage and downloaded the latest battery firmware and BIOS update but still I'm facing this issue.


Anyone can recommend a solution for this



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Re: Yoga C930 Glass - Very Hot

I owned the Yoga 3 Pro, the Yoga 900 and now I have the C930. I returned my Yoga 3 Pro a week after I purchased it because it was SUPER hot. The 900s had come out that day and I bought it. It ran hot, but not like the 3 Pro. Then, my daughter got a Yoga 3 pro and hers does not run hot at all (she still has it after 4 years of heavy college work and it's in great condition).

My 900 left dark marks on my lap from it running hot. I bought a cooling pad and that worked well. I also tried to allow air where the vents were so they weren't blocked. But it did run hot.

Today--believe it or not--was the first day my 930 ran hot (I got mine on 12/14/18). I had the vents blocked. Within a couple of minutes it was back to normal.

Here is what I do now: I was getting neck pain from looking DOWN at my computer while in my recliner (disabled/retired). So, I put the box it came in underneath of it so I didn't have to bend my neck so much. There is a rubber bar on the back of the computer and I butt the computer up against the box edge. By doing this, the vents were great. It might sound stupid, but the box is my new laptop desk AND my neck pain went away.

So yes, you are correct--certain units run hot and others do least for the 3 Pro, 900, and comparison of my unit to yours.

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