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Yoga C930 Pen Pressure

I recently purchased the Yoga c930 to mainly draw on the go and do artwork in various apps and programs (mainly Photoshop, SketchBook, and Krita).


However, this 2 in 1 is unable to download the wacom feel it driver ( I get a message saying that the wacom driver is not compatiable with the computer/tablet, which is wierd because the pen uses wacom aes technology) and I am having trouble with getting pressure sensitivity to work in almost everything I have tried to draw in. I even tried to change setting within the programs themselves, but the only one that really worked was Photoshop. Krita and Sketchbook still have no pressure sensitivity.


There is also a Lenovo Pen Settings control panel for pressure sensitivity, but it does not really seem to make a difference in sensitivity when I change the settings there.


Any suggestions as to how to get the pressure sensitivity to function properly on this computer would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have to return the laptop and get the Yoga 720 13" becuase this computer is really nice otherwise, but I'm starting to think that may be the only option if I want to have a better drawing experience.

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Re: Yoga C930 Pen Pressure

You are using a Yoga Book c930?


Or a Yoga c930?


Doesn't sound like you have the Yoga Book (This is the Yoga Book forum) based on the replacement laptop you would get.

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Re: Yoga C930 Pen Pressure

You may need to find the correct old version to use. Wacom have previously changed the feel driver on their site for one that related to specific newer hardware. This is what happened with the original Yoga Book. (Check on the Lenovo support page they might have posted it there, but I doubt it.)

(I don't have a c930 of either type so I can't suggest what version should work.)

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