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Paper Tape
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Yoga C930 legacy boot, is it possible?

So i have a Yoga c930 with 8gb ram and an i7 8550u. And i also have some old linux OS's on my USB thumb drive. I can successfully boot to my desktop pc from that same drive. That pc supports both UEFI and legacy, and since the OS on the thumb drive can only boot through legacy i cannot seem to boot it on the Yoga C930. I've updated to the latest bios (8GCN32WW) and i've tried to both disable secure boot, and intel trust platform technology. Both unsuccessfully, and both disabled at the same time.


Is it just not possible to boot from a legacy drive, or am i doing something wrong?


Best regards, Mads.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga C930 legacy boot, is it possible?

I'm not sure about your 390. I just know that I went through this hell with a Yoga L380. 

The L380 has the option for Legacy mode in the BIOS. However, despite using my legacy mode imaging drive (that my company refuses to let me change the partitions on, that works on older Lenovo machines just fine) the drive wouldn't show up in the boot manager. 

I scoweled the forums for about an hour and someone mentioned that setting the BIOS to default settings seemed to work.

It's porbably some preloaded WMI garbage that attempts to push Microsoft's agenda and possibly Lenovo's agenda. Nothing that makes life easy for the consumer.


At least there's a solution for now for the model I'm working on. Good luck with your C930

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