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Re:Yoga C940 4k - Fan runs constantly

2020-09-12, 13:56 PM

Just an update from my end. I eventually decided to keep the laptop, because of two reasons:


  1. The fans have become magically silent after a few weeks of using the C940 I'm always keeping the battery on Conservative Mode, which may have helped.
  2. The goal with this was to make it my secondary laptop, mostly used when I'm away from home. I can hardly notice any fan noise when working from a busy office.


YMMV though. If you plan to make this laptop your primary one and work from home, consider twice if you can stand the noise of the fans.


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Re:Yoga C940 4k - Fan runs constantly

2020-10-02, 8:15 AM

So there isn't any real way on how to solve this? 


My laptop had a problem where the screen was flickering every 1 hour and the Lenovo technician had to reformat my windows. After reformat and reinstalling the drivers, the fans are noisy when I'm doing light tasks like opening one tab in Google Chrome. If I use Intelligent Cooling, the fan is noisy but not as bad like Extreme Performance Mode but the performance drop like crazy and I have no choice but to use Extreme Performance mode. 


Its been far too long for an issue like this to go unnoticed by Lenovo! They should have released a new BIOS or Driver Update that would allow the fan to not speed up when doing simple light tasks. 


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Re:Yoga C940 4k - Fan runs constantly

2020-10-02, 18:09 PM

Lenovo never ever fix anything. They release new laptops pretty much every day but never sort the buggy mess of the ones already released.


Worst company on the face of the planet.


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Re:Yoga C940 4k - Fan runs constantly

2021-03-17, 10:47 AM

Hi all,


I'm sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the thermal behavior of your machines. Looking around the forums and also other social media and seeing other users report the same behavior, I'm afraid that the machine is behaving as intended by our engineers and has been designed this way as it is very slim and has a very powerful CPU which is outputting a 4K image on the screen. Please make sure that your system is running all the latest drivers from our support page, including BIOS and all packages from Windows Update.


Just to be sure, you can try a few of the below steps to improve the thermal behavior of your machine:


If you still continue to see high RPM on the fan of your system, you might consider tweaking the following settings under the Power Options, which other users have reported to have helped with the described behavior:


1. Select Power Options
2. Go to Change advanced power settings
3. Find Processor power management and open the menu for Maximum processor state
4. Change the setting for on-battery to 99%
5. Change the setting for plugged in, to 99%


Alternatively you can switch the Performance mode under the Smart Power Settings under Lenovo Vantage from high performance to cool & quiet.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our service if you continue seeing this symptom on your system, as the thermal paste might need to get replaced on your system because of degradation over time and the systems being manufactured almost 2 years ago.


Best regards,


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