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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga Phone Companion

I see the Yoga Phone Companion software but does anyone know how to use it? 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

Hi cyberr8der - after a few attempts I managed to get the software working and connected my HTC One to my Yoga Pro 2.


The software seems to create an ad-hoc, passcode protected Wifi network that you can connect to using a client on your phone. It also shows your phone's status on the Windows 8 lock screen which is a nice touch.

The concept is great - send messages, make calls and access your files from your laptop, however it's not very polished. 


For example, some of my minor gripes are:


  • It takes me about 5 minutes to pair and load 
  • Sending messages sometimes takes a long time - 30 seconds stuck in a "Sending..." state in some cases
  • Not all of my contacts are loaded - I can't see why but some appear with names and some only appear as numbers. All of my contacts are 'Google' contacts.
  • Names have an irritating formatting pattern - appearing as "LastnameFirstname" with no spacing between the names and no apparent way to reconfigure
  • Very limited exposed settings in general

Hope this helps.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

I've been trying to get this to work for the past few days.  I've tried using teh password while my S4 and Y2Pro are connected to the same wifi. I've tried connecting via P and I've also tried with the S4 connected via USB.  I cant get the two devices to sync.


I've been searching or support documentation, but can't find anything.


Does anyone have a detailed walk through on how to make this work?




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

Hi kFresh.


I have an S4 to hand and have managed to get it connected and working OK. In fact it loaded up a lot faster than my HTC One.




p1. Download a QR code scanner app on your phone - such as 'Barcode Scanner'

p2. Enable the installation of applications from outside of the Play store by checking 'Unkown Sources' in your phone's settings (Settings > More > Security > Unknown Sources)

p3. Ensure your phone is on the same Wifi network as your laptop




1. Open the phone companion on the laptop

2. Swipe through the tutorial. You should be presented with some steps, starting with a QR code to scan.

3. Scan the QR code with your S4

4. Follow the link your S4 and download the application file (apk)

5. Run the downloaded application (you may have to go into your Downloads and run from there)

6. On your laptop, go to your desktop (Win + D), right click on the phone companion icon in your task tray and set an 8 digit passcode

7. Back to your phone... Do you see your laptop's name listed in the connections?

    - Yes: Tap to connect. Enter the passcode you previously defined from step 6

    - No: Are you on the same network? Get your laptop's IP address and enter this into your phone's app

8. By now the app should be connected and you should see your messages and contacts appearing on the laptop


I hope this is detailed enough and helps you get it working Smiley Happy


Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

Hi timanfaya and thanks so much for the detailed response.  Everything you suggested is exactly what I've been doing.  On my S4 it says its "connecting: PC Name..." in the overlay, but behind that it says its "connected:.


Then on my Y2Pro, it also tries to connect to my Samsung, then I get a notification on my Y2Pro saying that my Samsung disconnected; even while my S4 is still showing effort to connect.


On a few occasions, I've had the two show effort to connect for several miutes without ever officially connecting.


Are you aware of any alternatives tto this software ofrSamsung SideSync?


Thanks again!


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion


I've since tried to sync both my H1 and S4s and now I'm getting the same issue as you. Whilst trying to connect to the laptop my phone's wifi disconnects - and after a few minutes the app times out saying there's a problem with the passcode or network. The S4 seems to be marginally more successful (connecting 2/5 times) but it feels like a dark art.


I've tried resetting the passcode and restarting the Wifi on both phone and laptop but this hasn't helped..


Seems to be the very definition of intermittent Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

Same bad news here:  Phone Companion on Yoga Pro 2 connected a couple of times to my HTC and it was pretty nice.  Now connection fails every time.


Punch Card
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

are there any similar apps for iOS?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

I use AirDroid for android phones. WAY better then anything else out there.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga Phone Companion

Since others have given a more detailed answer on installation, I will just give some experiences from my LG G2. The app consistantly accesses media, contacts, and messages on my phone swiftly and easily after connection, but it it fails to send text messages, fails to display messages that arrive after connection, fails to use the mic or speakers when placing a call, and the connection also begins to flicker after a few minutes before disconnecting for long enough that my LG G2 cuts it off.


I was actually suprised by how swiftly it downloaded my music and photos. I even poked a couples songs and almost instantly they started playing over the laptop's speakers. The texting part of the app is what I thought would be most useful to me, but it doesn't function from what I've experienced.


I am also not very happy about the fact that Lenovo put their app in the Windows Store, but then failed to put the Android app in Google Play. checking that box to trust unknown sources opens your phone up to malware. That wouldn't be necessary if they put the app on Google Play. Google Play would also allow people to be notified of updates to their software on the phone side.

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