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Yoga Pre-Installed Software and battery meter question

Hey everyone,


I know this has been discussed in the past, but does anyone know where I can get the pre-installed software for the Yoga 2 Pro?  The partitions do not seem to carry the pre-installed software only the drivers.  I uninstalled Yoga Picks and I was curious to see how it worked and would like to re-install it.


Any answer would be fab.  I don't understand why they wouldn't have the pre-installed software on the net or on the partition.


Also, I have noticed the battery guage on windows and the battery guage on the Lenovo software sometimes differ in runtime left on the battery.  Which one is more accurate?  With simple web browsing and typing, I am getting 9 hours of battery life - based on the meters (both) - no voltage tweaking on the CPU, lowered resolution to 1920x1080, limited startup programs, stable mode and monitor set to ~30-40%.  Sometimes it fluctuates a tad, but the last few days of having the machine, the battery meters always read between 8-8.5 sometimes 9 hours.  I haven't done a battery drain test with battery benchmarking software.


Edit:  I just spoke to tech support to see about getting a link or something to downlod the Yoga Picks software.  They told me they couldn't and the only answer is just to do a factory reset.  What the heck?  Its just a 20 mb piece of software.  Sheesh.



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