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Yoga Pro 3: wifi not working after windows update (on multiple computers)

 We use Yoga Pro 3 computers for work, so I have several and this problem is the same on 3 of them (which leads me to rule out a hardware issue): the wifi adapter just went missing one night, seemingly after the latest routine windows 10 update.  Bluetooth is still there, but no wifi.  If I go into the device managers, I see a bunch of 'wan miniport' artifacts, but no actual wifi adapater.  I've rolled back the update (multiple udpates, for tha matter), played around in BIOS, I've tried intsalling the network adapter drivers manually, and on one computer, I even did a factory reset.  Nothing works.  Certainly a windows update can't damage the wifi card itself.  Anyone have any ideas?  No network connection makes these computers expensive paperweights.  And since they're employee computers, time is critical.  I'm giong to have to guy buy new computers this week if I can't resolve this.  

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