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What's DOS?
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Yoga Stopped Connecting to WiFi

I've had a Yoga 13" purchased from Best Buy since Christmas.  It has been working fine.  Today, for no reason, it will not connect to WiFi.  It shows the WiFi bars and that it is connected to the router but none of the apps will work e.g. explore, chorme. Apps like Fbook, weather etc. will not receive updates.  Router works as all other tablets and computers are connecting and working OK.  


I've rebooted the Yoga a number of times and nothings changed.


Yoga is running W8 and I updated everything when I connected to the net the first time.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Yoga Stopped Connecting to WiFi

Very strange -- Are you sure your Yoga is connected to the correct router?  If it shows the wifi bars in the taskbars then it sounds like you're connected, but if you don't have internet access then perhaps you're connected to the wrong router or your DHCP settings got messed up.


Try forgetting the network (left-click on bars, left-click on Connected router, click on Disconnect.  Then connect again to your router.


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Re: Yoga Stopped Connecting to WiFi

Try rebooting or power cycling the router.  There may be some internal software corruption blocking IP traffic for just your Yoga's MAC address.

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