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Paper Tape
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Yoga book C930: Quality control

I bought C930 13IBK model last month.


It worked something wrong.

1. did not auto rotate

2. when battery fully charged and power line connected, didn't boot (hanging windows logo screen)

3. when power line connected and battery fully charged, keyboard didn't work. 

(power line disconnect & reboot, keyboard do work) 


I spent several hours for several days to find & try to fix because above problems are minior functions and can be some setting problems.

I phoned service center twice and visited service center and got it was faulty product and certificates for that.

I shoud go to the re-saller to exchage new one with that certificates. 


Lenovo Vantage said every systems OK but windows device manager said one serial IO I2C host controller had problems.

That means Lenovo's quality control standard did not test that. So faulty product can delivered to cutomer. 


Customer should spend times & money to fix that problem. 

Customer shoud think that was bad luck? 

In that case, the only thing Lenovo did is, judged the customer's complain & print a paper.


I cannot understand why customer shoud do all dirty things because of Lenovo's fault.

I'll never buy Lenovo again because of quality control and service policy.

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Re: Yoga book C930: Quality control

Are you talking about the yoga BOOK C930 or the yoga C930. They are two different machines.
Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga book C930: Quality control

Oh, my fault. Yoga C930. more than 2K dollars laptop.

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Re: Yoga book C930: Quality control

It would depend on consumer law in your country - but I imagine it would similar in many places.

(I've worked in retail and also in legal advice.)

When you bought the laptop the contract of sale was between you and the retailer - not with Lenovo. They can't, for example give a refund because the money wasn't paid to them by you. So it is up to the retailer to deal with the issue and they should be the first port of call and they should deal with you according to the law and their own terms and conditions (which may be better than the law requires).

It's up to the retailer to deal with Lenovo if that is required. If they have to, or choose to, give you a replacement they will then deal with Lenovo about the return of the faulty laptop. If they refund, the retailer will get the cost back from their supplier (if they agree), lose their margin as well as deal with any sales tax situation. Or they could deal with any repair if that is appropriate.

But in the end it depends on the law in your country and the quality of the retailer.







Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga book C930: Quality control

Basically you are right. 

I reviewed the sales terms & conditions and service policy of Lenovo's.
They did as the documents.
The problem is I checked them after it happened. 
1. But who checks the sales terms & conditions before buying a laptop. 
2. Why customer should spend time and money to recover manufacture's fault or ignorance. 

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