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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga micro-HDMI to Displayport options

I'd like to get video from a Yoga with micro-HDMI output (female) to a monitor with (normal) DisplayPort input (female).


I've looked around and there don't seem to be many good solutions for this. Aparently HDMI to DisplayPort is not possible without an active adapter? The best I've been able to come to is:


1) Monoprice high speed micro HDMI (male) to HDMI (female)


2) Cable Matters HDMI (male) to DisplayPort Converter (female) - this plugs in USB for power


3) DisplayPort cable (male to male)


Are there any better solutions for this? That's $55+ just to get to DisplayPort. I also think the Cable matters converter will likely send at max 1080p signal.


Thank you for your input(s).

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Re: Yoga micro-HDMI to Displayport options

What model of monitor is it, if it is a DP++ input it should be able to use a passive adapter but will be limited to I believe up to 1920x1200.

I own a Y510p SLI (retired), Yoga 2 Pro, P50 4K, X1C5

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