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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga touchscreen not working...

Hey everyone,


I picked up my Yoga today, and I love it. However, about an hour ago the touchscreen went completely unresponsive.


The last thing I remeber doing, before noticing the touchscreen becoming unresponsive, was installing the Android SDK. (Well, I ran the installer, but it didn't recognize JDK).


So, here I am, with the touchscreen not functional at all. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried the "refresh" and that didn't work. I'm probably going to try the wipe/clean install option in a bit. I guess that would tell me for certain if it's a hardware problem or not.


I'm really hoping this isn't a design flaw with the 360 hinge causing issues. I really like the laptop, and would rather not have to deal with hardware issues like this down the road. :/


I'll be calling support in the morning, but was hoping to get this resolved tonight if anyone has had a similar problem.



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Community Moderator
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...



perhaps that program just don´t work with WIN8?


Try a Windows system restore and restore it to a point before you tried installing Android SDK.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...

I had exactly the same problem yesterday. Hoping its just a software glitch that will get updated ASAP. I thought a full shutdown might help but it took me hours to work out how to do this on win8. The shutdown option actually hibernates to aid startup time. I found by holding in the power button on the front that that completed a full shutdown. My touchscreen then worked again.

However this has happened more than once and I hope that there is a permanent fix coming soon.

Please update with any new info
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...

Thanks for the replies~




I called tech support, and the guy was very nice, but he didn't seem to know anything about windows 8.


He remotely connected to my pc, and couldn't figure out how to get to the control panel/drivers, so I had to show him how >.<


Understandably, it's a new OS, but I would think al tech support help would have been trained on win 8 already.


I could only spend about 30 minutes on the phone with support this morning before going to work, but the issue wasn't resolved. Per his recommendation, I told him I would do a reinstall of windows 8 using the option in the general settings and call back if the touchscreen still wasn't working. I just finished doing that and the touchscreen still isn't working, so it seems like this is hardware related on my end... unless the clean reinstall of windows 8 isn't really a clean reinstall.


I'm going to be calling tech support again soon. And will update after.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...



Just got off the phone, It appears to be hardware related.


They advised me to return the Yoga to BestBuy and have them exchange it for a new one. :/


Hopefully they have an extra one in stock. When I bought this one, it looked like the only one available for sale.


If they don't have any, then I'll have to send it to Lenovo, and would be without the laptop for 2 weeks+.


I'm going to be trying everything I can think of to get it working again because I'm stuck at work, and I'll update if I can get the touch screen functional.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...

So touchscreen is working again. I did a full shutdown using the power button like grahambrides suggested and it worked this time.


Odd thing is that I had rebooted it via the hardware button multiple time before, but didn't work. And for some reason (who knows why) it worked this time.


So I guess the answer to non-responsive touch screen is shutdown via hardware button, and keep trying until it fixes itself. >.<


Thanks everyone. Best of luck~


Edit: This problem seems to only occur after restarting. After it was fixed, I let windows update do its thing, and it needed to restart. I let it restart and lost touch screen functionality again. Shut it down via hardware button, and rebooted, and touch worked again.


To make sure, I went to the menu and chose restart. Once it booted back up, I lost touch screen capabilities again, until I powered off using the button. So it seems like restarting the laptop is causing the issue with losing touchscreen functionality.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...

We too, had this problem.  Touchscreen became nonresponsive for no apparent reason.  Restarts and shutdowns using the Windows 8 UI did not resolve.  Forcing it the Yoga off by holding in the power button and turning it back on returned the touchscreen functionality.


Lenovo, please fix.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...

Happens to me too. Rather than holding the power button, I open the admin command prompt and type "shutdown -s" to accomplish a complete shutdown. Really hoping this can be fixed with an update.


Edit: This thread is marked as "solved?" Really? Having to hard reboot the machine each time this happens (several times a day) is hardly a solution.

Former Employee
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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...

Hi all,


thanks for posting and sorry to hear the issues you're facing with your machine. After reading this thread I'd like to get the teams involved to look at this issue. From what i gather seems like there seems to be a conflict within the software and hardware altogether but I'm only assuming at this point but will need to confirm the cause.


If you would be kind to PM me you machine details, that would be great so I can get them to compare the issue. The details i need can be found below.


• Machine Family (e.g. T61)
• Machine Type Model (e.g. 7660-14A)
• Machine Serial Number (e.g. L3-234A)
• Bios version
• Chipset model and driver version
• RAM (e.g. 2GB DDR3)
• OS (e.g. Win 7 64-bit Ultimate)


• Steps taken prior to a reported issue (for an example software or hardware installed)
• Driver list and version of components (depends on issue discussed)


• Customers country of residence

• First and Last Name
• Contact Phone Number
• Email Address


Hope to hear from, Regards

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Re: Yoga touchscreen not working...



We are looking into this case - please share your info with Nine so that he can open a formal ticket with our engineering.  Also, it would help if we had a volunteer in the US that would be willing to let us have a look at a system that is exhibiting these symptoms.


So far we have not been able to reproduce this on Yoga's that we have here.


Please let Nine or myself know if you are willing to send in your system. 





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