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What's DOS?
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Yogo 2 pro doesn't turn on

I have a yoga 2 pro and occasionally it will randomly shut down and when I try to turn it back on it won't turn back on unless I take the back off. I will usually work again for about 2-3 months. This brings us to now. it did its thing where it wouldn't turn on about a week ago so i took the back off and like usual it started to work again right away. Then today it stopped working again which i thought was a little odd because I just had to take the back off a week ago. I tried to take it off again and it didn't work then randomly as I started writing this it started working again. The symptoms include a the back light turning on and the fans spinning up slightly as if its trying to boot up but after about 3-7 seconds of this it seemingly gives up. mostly im just worried that it will just start happening more and i'll lose all functionality of my notebook because it just seems to keep getting worse.  

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