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Fanfold Paper
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doubt about yoga book windows handwriting to text

Hi, I'm backpacking and I've searched for a very thin and light notebook, preferably convertible, not too expensive, to take notes and take care of a blog (which is difficult from a smartphone).

I know, the halo keyboard will not be the best experience for writing texts for a blog. But I hope it's not that bad either.

If you have suggestions for alternative products you're welcome.

For now the yoga book seems to be the best option.


But I did not understand well if it is possible to convert handwritten notes in text on the windows version.

That's very important to me.

 I'll take lot of notes soon.

And actually, if taking notes with the pen is so fast and accurate, and the conversion to text is good, I may end doing that more than using the halo.


Thanks for the help!

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