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finding lenovo yoga machine type for warranty registration

2012-12-20, 8:31 AM

I purchased a 3-year warranty with my Lenovo Yoga, and received an XLS document that I am supposed to fill out and send back to make my warranty valid.  I am trying to figure out what numbers on the bottom of my Lenovo Yoga 13 correspond to the "machine type," however the link which was specified in the email with the XLS document is spectacularly unhelpful in telling me where my machine type is.  On the bottom sticker of the laptop, aside from the S/N number, there is a 5-digit "model name", a P/N, and an "MO" - none of which are the four specified digits that would correspond to "machine type."  I tried the standard machine type (2191)  that comes up when I look at the troubleshooting documents for the Yoga, but the XLS spreadsheet was returned to me telling me I had either an invalid S/N or machine type.


By the way, I'd like to point out that this has to be the most ridiculous form of verifying a purchase for a warranty. You have told me to fill out a document using a program (Excel) which didn't even come with this computer!!!! Not to mention the fact that there are obviously much more efficient ways of getting this information.


Link to the very unhelpful directions provided in the email: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?LegacyDocID=MIGR-4RZLS4


Text of email below:

Dear Lenovo Customer,


Thank you for purchasing Lenovo Care Services.


Attached in this email are the Terms and Conditions for this offering. Completion of this registration process is an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


To complete the registration process, you must reply to this email with the necessary registration details.


To Register:

1.     Detach the XLS file attached to this email.

2.     For each separate purchased service, listed in the attached file, fill in the machine type and serial number of the machine to be covered by the Lenovo Care Service.

3.     Save the file in the original XLS format.

4.     Return the email to srs_tplus@lenovo.com with the completed XLS file attached.

5.     Lenovo will register the Lenovo Care Services offering on your behalf.


Upon receipt and confirmation of your entitlement details, your Lenovo Care Services purchase will be registered and you will receive a final confirmation email with instructions on how to start using this offering. 



Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.

Lenovo Services helps you get the most out of your Lenovo hardware by delivering the quality, reliability and peace of mind you need to stay up and running. 


From installation, maintenance and protection services, to recycling and disposal; learn more about which Lenovo Services are right for you.




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Re: finding lenovo yoga machine type for warranty registration

2012-12-20, 20:08 PM
I have the same issue. I've called warranty support and they have my info, they have charged my account, but, I still have basic one year warranty. I have received two of those document emails you refer to with similar error. I have no idea what to do. It's very frustrating. I'll post here again if I figure it out.

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Laurel Hollow, NY

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Re: finding lenovo yoga machine type for warranty registration

2012-12-21, 1:43 AM

I had the same issue. They told me that the Yoga is not in the database yet, so it can't be entered, but not to worry as they will keep it on file. Just keep the registration they send.


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Re: finding lenovo yoga machine type for warranty registration

2012-12-27, 20:21 PM

Same problem here. 


Drexler, what registration did they send you, and when did you receive it (relative to placing the order or receiving the actual order)?  The only thing I have received regarding the warranty is the email/spreadsheet query about the machine type. 


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Madison, WI

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Re: finding lenovo yoga machine type for warranty registration

2013-01-04, 3:14 AM
Did anybody get a confirmation about this? I've now received 4 emails asking me to fix the xls file. How difficult can it be to add this to their database?

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Re: finding lenovo yoga machine type for warranty registration

2013-01-04, 5:08 AM

I also have the same issue and have now received four emails.  I've replied to each one with the information I had.  I also couldn't find the "Mach Type", so I took a picture of the sticker on the bottom and embedded that in the Excel file.  I've now provided that twice and am still getting emails.  I don't know how to make it more clear.


I did receive a separate email describing the warranty criteria but it doesn't reference the length (additional two years).


If anyone from Lenovo is paying attention, I hope they'll take note.  It's absurd that the user should be required to provide this information in the first place, especially to the manufacturer.  As mentioned earlier, it just makes it worse that the file sent is an Excel file.

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