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issues: Touchpad 2finger tap, camera and battery

Hello everyone

I have a Lenovo yoga 510 laptop, windows 10 home, with i3-7 gen processor. After using for about 3 months and getting around to know the working of laptop and trying various option posted on internet, I am facing still some issues on my laptop. So hopefully I will find the solution here

  • First issue I am facing is that two finger tap for right click is not working for my touch pad. I have synaptic drivers for touch pad with latest version, . I have tried various suggestion on internet including working around registry to change 2FingerTapAction value to 2 but still no success.
  • Second issue I am facing is with camera. When I try to open camera, I am finding error with error code: 0xA00F4246 (0x800706D9). I have easy camera with drivers, 6.0.1326.39. Initally the camera app use to work fine but later I am finding this error. I thought there might be problem with drivers as I might have updated with an external update software so I again downloaded the camera drivers from Lenovo website but still no success. I am able to use camera for other software such as face login but can’t open camera with camera software.
  • This is not an issue but a need. The Lenovo setting app has a conservation mode but it charges the laptop to just 55%. I use my laptop both on charging and then on battery so I need to charge my battery just good enough but not full so that it’s battery life could last longer. For that I need to charge my battery to 80%. There are external apps available but I don’t want to use it. Is there any other battery management software by Lenovo which I could use to charge my battery to 80% or any other value? Or is there any other way to do it. I know that there is an energy management app for similar function for thinkpad laptop. Is there any for Lenovo yoga?
  • Last but not the least and this is a broad question but my Lenovo yoga 510 has poor battery life which last for just three hours under normal browsing. Is there any way to increase the battery life, may be by reducing unnecessary background apps? Or any other? Hoping an answer from experience from users?


Thank you

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