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Paper Tape
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keyboard input slow or nonexistent.

Everytime, Windows 10 updates, it causes some problems on my Lenovo Yoga 2 11.  The latest is that when I try to type a word, either the appearance of the letter on screen is delayed or never appear.  I tried updating the keyboard driver but it stated mine was up to date.  It is really annoying me especially when typing passwords.  Does anyone have suggestion on how to fix this?

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Re: keyboard input slow or nonexistent.

Hi,  Oninowon –


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


You can also start by flushing out all static, remove AC adaptor and hold down power button for about 15 seconds.

Did you check in safe mode if issue persist ?


Update us how it goes.






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Paper Tape
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Re: keyboard input slow or nonexistent.



I have the same laptop and issue from the last 2 months since installing the Windows Creators Update.

I tried everything...editing the registry, deleting and reinstalling the PS/2 keyboard from device manager, disabling Windows Defender but no dice.

I even went back to Windows 8.1 and the issue seemed to have been fixed so I came to the conclusion that it wasn't a dreaded hardware issue and more of a software/driver one. Starting the computer with essential services/safe mode did prevent the issue from occuring.

I happened to come across Mr. 


Paper Tape
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Re: keyboard input slow or nonexistent.

I have same issue and had been researching 2 month for this, however in my case, the Ctrl, 5, 6, -, =, F1 keys is delay on response, it needs 10 second of push to get actual response. My laptop is Lenovo Yoga520


Have been try with new OS reinstallation, driver update, vga update, bios update, other software/firmware installation, and nothing works, problem still there. So according with my case, if all soft method is tried and nothing worked it probably caused by phisycal problem on the laptop. I confirm this after do disassembly of the laptop and observe the laptop keyboard flexible wire connection. The flexible wire connection of laptop keyboard to connector plug on laptop motherboard is supposedly straight, so what i saw is : flexible termination at connector is slightly bent in corner, because flexible wire output on keyboard is not strightly aligned with the input connector in motherboard. So it need certain folds of flexible wire so the end of flexible wire connector is must be sraightly and perfectly aligned with connector on motherboard.

After i try this, my keyboard broblem is solved, now i can type all keys especially Ctrl keys Smiley Happy.

Be warned if you do this on your own it might break the warranty, mine is already broken because memory upgrade.

If you want you may get help with lenovo technical support team to investigate. I still dont know why lenovo not placing conector straight, or the keyboard is missmatch on conector placement.

What's DOS?
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Re: keyboard input slow or nonexistent.

I have talked to several of my friends with similar Yoga laptops and they have all reported the same behavior. The keyboard becomes hard to type and feels "gummed up" after getting a Windows update.


As it appears to be a design flaw with the connector placements, I am a bit confused why Lenovo has taken no responsibility to try and inform their customers or remedy their mistake. It is clear from the forum posts that this is a widespread issue so I have a hard time believing that the company brass is not aware of the issue by now.


Has the company pinpointed the issue and what have they done to correct in the current models?

What's DOS?
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Re: keyboard input slow or nonexistent.

yes it was the keyboard hardware connection! although it is intimidating to open up a laptop, it was much simpler than what the "hardware maintenance manual" made it to be as you don't need to take out everything to get to the keyboard connection. Just trace it/ google how it looks like, carefully unclip, the connection (2d piece of plastic like wiring) come out and put it back carefully as straight as possible, clip back, and tada your keyboard works again! i agree it was a bad design, probably not as bad as yoga, mine is s431 thinkpad, but the connection was right up against the battery, closest to the cover, easy to get knocked just the wrong way with too much movement/ dropping of laptop.

What's DOS?
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Re: keyboard input slow or nonexistent.

After a couple regular restarts, the issue was not resolved.  Even after a hard-reboot it was not resolved.  However, the reccomendation here to hold for 15 seconds for static discharge, much to my suprise, DID resolve the issue.


This was a huge help, thanks for the forum comment and reccomendation.

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