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Fanfold Paper
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lenova yoga 910 freeze

hello all,


i am running ubuntu 18.04 with all patches loaded n the laptop is flashed to the latest bios 2JCN39WW

still it freeze up on me on and off.


this happened after i had a usb-c port sum power power port issue.  services and repaired.

after the repair, i have noisy fan issue n static shock at time when working on the laptop.


anyone similar issue. advice appreciated.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: lenova yoga 910 freeze

if you have this same issue, please let me know n advice what was done to get it resolved.


further into my laptop freeze issue.

it was apprarent due to overheating after i started monitoring the system temperature.

more issue is showing, i have network connection drop after overheat. reboot is required to solve the problem.


i suspect that this might be a product issue with support person neither admitting or deny.

still waiting for support to come back n not looking good from my conversation with lenovo.


System GOOD when power adapter not connected

1. run antivirus scan for clamav on the root file system.
2. run the antivirus scan with power adapter disconnectedy
3. everything works well at temperature around 40-60 degree celsius


System OVERHEATING after power adapter is connected

1.  connect the AC power in the laptop.

2. takes less than 10 minutes and overheation occur, temperature go into the region of 80-96 degree celsius

3. as current, there is no solution as far as i understand from the support staff. thus make no sense to send in the laptop for repair. 



Fanfold Paper
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Re: lenova yoga 910 freeze

wow... just get response from lenovo support  to install windows 10 and the latest wifi driver to solve the issue while my operating system is linux.




to demostrate not the wireless issue. i totally disable both the wired usb-c n wireless network.

run a single application, either virtualbox or clamscan, not both.

cpu shot to 90++ degree C immediately.


people on the forum. please be carefull with your purchase on lenovo product.

i for one, will not want to get into this situation again.


you know what. i am still on WARRANTY. HA HA and this is the treatment i get


good job LENOVO!!!

What's DOS?
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Re: lenova yoga 910 freeze

Hi All,


Well October 28th. I have a 910 with 8GB/256ssd with the HD Screen. Dual  botting with win 10.  I am noticing the lock up also on Ubuntu 18.10. Nothing would work, BUT....if you logout and log back in they it saves you from a reboot.  All patches have been applied. Not many as 18.10 just got released.


Windows is kept for those apps i just absolutely can't get to work.  95% of my apps work fine on here. 


Sometimes when terminal is available then your ps -A and kill -9 you can kill some apps but most of the time you can't do anything, although the shutdown will work, I have had 1 hard lock up so far, so a cold boot. 


I am getting 14-15 hours of battery life, so about that is the great thing about this laptop.


Tent mode , tilting the laptop on it's side all are working on 18.10


What say Lenovo God's could it be a bios issue ?








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