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Token Ring
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newer notebooks - keyboard layout

I see that some of the newer notebooks have a better keyboard layout.

Wish i could swap my lenovo yoga 700 keyboard out for those. This little shift key is so annoying and the home key right next to that little backspace key is also bad.  Who was behind that design. i hope they are no longer with the company.  Cost me so much time going back and fixing what i typed!!!!! awful design.

Punch Card
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Re: newer notebooks - keyboard layout

Why did you buy it?

Token Ring
Posts: 163
Registered: ‎02-07-2016
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Re: newer notebooks - keyboard layout

Good question! it looked cool and was lighter and solid state drive..slim, and sleek machine and multi function are a some of the reasons. why do u buy anything?.. because you think it is better than all the other things you researched and tried out!!!  come on man. Researched the crap out of this machine and thought i could live with the keyboard.

Have had tons of issues with this.. the ghost circles, the viruses up front with the microsoft edge and the worst one...the power settings being ignored! and having it go to sleep mode with 1 minute of inactivity until just never goes to sleep mode (which is better than the 1 minute sleep issue!),


Liked the feel of the keyboard , but didnt really get a chance to do a ton of typing on it until i got it. Now i am always hitting Home key instead of backspace and that shift key is just real bad.  Oh well i have bigger issues with this.. like the reallly slow download speed vs my old Dell. Did a speed test with Verizon and the Lenovo downloaded at 6.82 Mbps and the old Dell Latitude  Windows 7 machine... 57.85Mbps.  Ugh..always issues with this thing.

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