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"Plugged in, Not Charging"- Yoga 910-131KB

I purchased my Yoga 910-131KB a little over a year and a half ago. I've had startup errors prior to this where the laptop charger light would not come on, even though it was plugged in, there were no tears, kinks, or otherwise problems with the charger cord, the outlet was working, etc. This happened enough times that I called customer service and they could not provide assistance; the customer service trouble shooting suggestions were things I've already done. Everytime this happened, I would push a bobby pin in the reset button next to the headphone icon and after selecting normal startup, the computer usually turned on. If it did not turn on after trying this, I'd wait a few minutes or an hour and try again. 


This past week, as I noticed my laptop was around 50%, I plugged in my charger and got the dreaded "plugged in, not charging" notification next to my battery icon. According to other posts on this community forum, troubleshooting steps outlined by lenovo under "support", and lenovo customer service, it has come to my attention that this spells imminent computer death. I'm posting this so other consumers are aware of this issue and for students, like myself, to look for alternative laptop options, perferably ones that have a longer life span than a year and a half. 


After seeing the "plugged in, not charging" notice, I checked the Lenovo Vantage app, which told me nothing was wrong with my computer. There were no system updates, health and support indicated nothing was wrong, and the hardware settings for power also indicated nothing was wrong. I checked my computer's troubleshooters under my settings, which also indicated nothing was wrong. 


In trying to figure out what was wrong I: 

-changed power outlets

-checked for updates

-turned the pc on/off, restarted the pc

-uninstalled the battery driver ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and reinstalled it

- restored my computer to an earlier version

-rebooted the system entirely


As a note, taking the battery out and putting it back in was not an option because it is not easily accessible. 


When I rebooted the computer, it no longer said "plugged in, not charging", instead it couldn't identify if the battery was even in. The battery icon was empty and the charging light flashed orange until it eventually died. After speaking with customer service, I was informed this was a common issue and lenovo will be sending me a new battery replacement (which they felt was the issue). I have yet to received notification on when the battery will be replaced, however, I have doubts it will fix anything because of other posts on the community forum indicating this solution was also suggested, tried, and ultimately failed to fix the issue. Another community member stated lenovo then wanted to replace the PC's motherboard (valued around $800),which is not a viable financial option for me. 


I recently plugged in the laptop and the charging light is again white, however, after pressing the reset button to power on (because the power button does nothing at this point), the keyboard backlight lights up, but nothing happens. The screen does not turn on, the computer fails to startup, and the power immidiently dies. The charging light also never goes beyond the flashing white light (when it is completely charged the light should stay a consistent white).


I'm disappointed that such an expensive laptop has such issues. I'll see where the battery replacement gets me, but I'm going to take out more student loan to buy a $400 or less laptop from Walmart. As a student I need to have reliable access to an affordable laptop and this product by far is not worth its price. 



Paper Tape
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Re: "Plugged in, Not Charging"- Yoga 910-131KB


I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

Tahnks in advance

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