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What's DOS?
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Re: screen brightness changing on its own

None of these solutions has helped me. My brightness continues to incrementally decrease (when the subject on my screen is more dark than bright) or increase (when the subject is brighter than dark). In other words when I go from a white screen to a black screen my brightness levels with start to decrease and get darker. And vice-versa. I have a Lenovo ideapad 330-15 with a gtx 1050 if that helps. 

What's DOS?
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Re: screen brightness changing on its own

Having the same problem on my new Legion Y530. Have done everything I've found, including all that has been mentioned in this thread (except for that Intel stuff I don't have) and browsed through a ton of web pages and windows settings. I kind of know my way around computers so it seems that there just isn't a solution meant for the end user to find and use.

Seeing that I'm not alone with this problem, I think Lenovo really should give a solution for us and not just offer some 'please check the sun is shining' -kind of answers or basic RTFM stuff. Other than that, I like this laptop very much but this problem makes me want to toss it out of the window. Makes me really p****d.


What's DOS?
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Re: screen brightness changing on its own

I just purchased the same laptop and I have the SAME problem !!

it's really annoying and i can't find a solution Smiley Sad
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Re: screen brightness changing on its own


I had similar problems where the brightness and even the color tone of the screen would change on their own.

I followed these steps, which seem to have fixed my display problems completely so far:



1) For Fluctuating Screen Brightness: Disable "Change brightness automatically when light changes" (Start > Settings > Display):


Disable Automatic Brightness.PNG


 2) Change all Power Plan Settings to prioritize performance over battery life both plugged in and on battery (Power & Sleep Settings > Additional Power Settings > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings):


Advanced Power Options.PNG


Open all dropdowns and configure the plan as desired, paying particular attention to the settings that affect the display. Set "Enable adaptive brightness" to off, both on battery and plugged in. You can also disable the brightness cap, setting "Display Brightness" (limit) to 100% On battery and Plugged In. This could further improve your experience with the display.



 3) Color Tone Shifts and Display 'Flicker': Disable "Display Power Saving Technology" and "Panel Self-Refresh" on the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel (Right Click on Desktop > Intel Graphics Settings):



Remember that here you are changing the settings for the selected "Graphics Power Plan". To make shure this doesn't happen again, you can select the other power plans and disable "Display Power Saving Technology" and "Panel Self-Refresh" there as well. ALSO REMEMBER TO DO THIS IN THE "PLUGGED IN" AND "ON BATTERY" TABS ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE


I have highlighted "Panel Self-Refresh" because this setting is often overlooked. It left a very mild, almost imperceptible, flicker in the display even after changing all the other settings mentioned above (each of them solving different parts of the overall problem). After digging in the settings, I finally found it recently and this was the final touch to fixing this extensive display problem completely for me.



I hope this helps.

What's DOS?
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Re: screen brightness changing on its own

For the people who don't have an Intel control panel, I was able to install it via the Microsoft Store.


Here a link to the app:


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