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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-01-24, 0:10 AM

I had major problems connecting at home to my apple wireless router. 


I went into the adapter settings and changed to allow only 20Mhz and set the wifi setting from performance to wifi and bang she was working like a charm. 


Still having dramas connecting to my work WPA2-Enterprise network with certificates though. 


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-01-26, 22:27 PM

I have not had problems since the first day - having two disconnects on the first day.  I don't know if I am out of the woods yet, but maybe.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-01-27, 22:08 PM

New owner of yoga 13... I have also been having Wifi troubles as described. I can fully simulate the problem at will. It happens when I go in to tablet mode with the screen fully in the flush seated position in tablet mode. Seems to disconnect the network or totally reduce it to unusable. When brought back to laptop mode takes about 60 plus seconds to reconnect or refresh the joined network. After that seems to be back up too speed. Had this device for less than three days. Upgraded to WIN 8 pro and updated everything. Here is a simple solution since reading this forum and Lenovo doesn't seem to fix or acknowledge this problem. I am taking this product back and buying something else. Easy and fixed! This is core design flaw that has been over looked. Just keep it simple guys and speak with your cash. These forums get over looked too often. Lenovo Yoga 13 = fail!!


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-01-27, 23:59 PM

Just an update - I tested a dual antenna TL-WN822N V2 with my router. I got 300Mbps right away, walked all over the house and couldn't get it to drop below 300Mbps. My ping times were also consistent.

I initially thought it was one of the early Windows updates, but this would appear to disprove that theory. I think the Realtek card's driver is bad or the internal USB power to the card is underpowered.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-01-30, 21:09 PM

Yep, new Yoga 13 user with the same problems as everybody else has been reporting: wifi dropping intermittently - almost always after resuming from sleep mode. Reboots helps some times. Other times I have to reboot the router (!) to get the Yoga to connect again.


I have connected IPhones, Windows Phones, Android, XBox, various laptops PC and Mac + my freaking TV to the router (Netgear WNDR3700) without ever having a single problem - and now this... I'm deeply disappointed to say the least.


I have not been able to connect my Yoga to my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 920) through Bluetooth either - that doesnt add to the experience and I find it really remarkable that Lenovo hasnt fixed these problems.


Guess we are out of luck waiting for a driver that would fix things and that this is a hardware fail...


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-02-05, 20:26 PM

Aside from the wifi issue, I really do like this unit. However, I have similiar issues here. Just purchased a new yoga over the weekend, and am having terrible speed/connection issues. Downloads time out, speed ginds to a halt, etc... from moving an extra 10 feet away from the router. All other devices (some 10+ wireless) have no issues, and work perfectly from the same distance. 


Thiss all connects through a MI424WR-GEN2 router (Verizon FiOS). Not sure what the issue is, but its really terrible that I can't walk around a house with a tablet/laptop and keep internet. If it's not resolved (or a promise of a resolution), the unit goes back in the next 10 days and I'll get something I can actually funciton with.


I want to keep this, but I cannot/will not accept a product that can't do something so basic as browse the internet from 20ft away from a router... lord knows what it will be like in hotels when on travel.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-02-10, 2:55 AM

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I am not a Lenovo employee


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-02-24, 15:23 PM

I got my yoga pad 3 days ago, 

Except for three issues it's great!

1) when computer goes to sleep, the wifi card turns off. but when the computer comes back the wifi card fails to turn on. and you can't turn it on without rebooting. 

2) wifi is very slow, this tablet gets a maximum of 100k/s, while two other laptops here, can draw upto 600K/s


3) This is the worst problem of all, Lenovo doesn't tell us what they are doing about it or when it will be fixed. After an hour with tech support the agent ended the call with "it is a known issue and we are working to fix it, but we do not know when"


So unless i am contacted by lenovo tomorrow before 5pm eastern, and told Exactly when an update will be comming out, I will be returning this tablet.  gutnikdavid@gmail.com


Again, I do Really Really want to keep this laptop, but if lenovo ignores me and others on this board i do not want to have any part of that. 


P.S. Ford does the exact same thing. 


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-02-24, 16:35 PM



I am having this exact same issue. My Yoga 13 was manufactured on January 4th of this year.

The internet is running slow on this laptop, I tried factory reset (did nothing), I then downloaded the latest Wifi drivers off the lenovo site- and these just made it worse. I tried all the tips in here (nothing works). Now I just reinstalled again and its driving me crazy. I can no longer return it to BestBuy- what do I do? Is Lenovo aware of this, and are they working on something- as I see I am one of MANY  who are experiencing this. It would feel re-assuring if a rep from Lenovo commented in here. I have owned multiple Thinkpads, including a T420s that sits right next to my Yoga. The T420s has no problems, full bars and fantastic speedtest. I also have a Macbook Air in the same house with no problems- only this Yoga.

This laptop is less than three weeks old and I feel ripped off right now. I don't want to have to return to depot a three week old laptop to be ripped open and then sent back a month later.


It has nothing to do with the router as well- because I tried it on three different routers, all of them less than a year old, and all different brands. No changes to power-options or A/B/G/N have helped either.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-02-24, 21:11 PM

I was hoping they fixed the problem by now.  So the Asus Transformer Book comes out in two weeks. Looks like it is on my radar.  Two drives, lighted keyboard, all sorts of ports.....and you simply disconnect the Keyboard and have a tablet.

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