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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-20, 15:46 PM

I returned mine to Best Buy for this issue. When you buy something for this much money you would expect it to work.  When they get it fixed I would like to repurchase; love the design.  


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-20, 16:29 PM

Just wanted to document that I'm not buying the Yoga because of the apparently unresolved Wifi issues.  Really bummed about it too, it looked like a cool design.  Not sure what to get now--may just stick with a MacBook Air.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-20, 18:45 PM

Yeah get the Macbook Air 13". It is 1,000 times better than the Yoga.

I have both.

The Macbook Air boots and responds faster than the yoga..... and get this.... It's wifi works- and from more than 10feet away from the router!!!


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-20, 20:58 PM
Well I switched from a Macbook to a Yoga, couldn't be happier.

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Purcellville, va

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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-22, 2:13 AM
Another on the fence of returning it. Bummed, but useless without functional wireless.

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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-24, 13:44 PM

Yoga 13's are back in stock at Best Buy, all versions except clementine orange.


I wonder if these new ones have a wifi fix. Lenovo maybe ignoring those who supported them in buying early releases and hope we fade away.


Owner's of the new versions might be happy.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-24, 14:04 PM

I think Lenovo better do something...and soon. If new versions are out and the wi-fi has been fixed, then those of us who are stuck with a lame old laptop deserve some significant consideration.


I'm a professor in a prominent school of business. I consult with firms about this type of issue, and Lenovo is not handling it well. I also write case studies and this issuemight make for a very good case for thousands of students to study on how NOT to handle customer service. Moreover, I'd like to see the sales numbers...can anyone spell CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?


I've been very patient up to now, but unless I see some progress in the next week or two, I will be forced to take some action. What do I want? Either of the following...


1. Some form of significant credit or trade-in on the new/fixed version. I'd say trade-in old model + $300 to get new fixed model would make me at least satisfied that Lenovo made a decent effort at fixing this problem with their most important customers--the early adopters, or


2. An overnight account # (no cost to buyer) to ship overnight for repair, fixed correctly, overnighted back with no longer than a 5 day turnaround in total including shipping. 


What say you Lenovo?


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-24, 16:30 PM

I solved my wifi issue by disabling the lenovo wifi and am using a USB wifi adapter.  I'm using a Keebox cheepie from Fry's and my connectivity is great and I can even watch Netflix with no problems.  I can't believe Lenovo would put such a piece of $&%@ in an otherwise great laptop. I'm not holding my breath that they'll ever do anything about it.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2013-03-26, 2:20 AM

An update:

So I read on another post that about 50% of the tablet have this issue. so I decided to exchange it instead of return it. This one works Great. it has only frozen once in the 3 weeks I've had it. so i'm good.


What I am unhappy about is Lenovo's support.

1) since they do not read these posts, and do not even try to contact people having issues. This tells me they simply ignore us.


2) I had a Keyboard issue, Apparently if you hold ctrl and both shifts you turn on the "Blue" keys on your keyboard. Well when I called in to their support they wanted $150 to "Fix".


So, I'd like to see an apology posted on this posting, and for Lenovo to start directly contact people with issues. If they do not then I'd recommend that If you are to buy a Lenovo product in future consider your self buying a product without customer support.  


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North Carolina

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If not the Yoga, then what?

2013-03-26, 3:01 AM

I've been shopping for an ultrabook, and I was about to purchase the Yoga 13 when I found out about the WiFi problem.  Anybody want to recommend an alternative (besides the Mac)?

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