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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2014-07-22, 14:55 PM
I think you wanna look at the yoga 2 pro thread: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Idea-Windows-based-Tablets-and/Re-Yoga-2-Pro-Wifi-Problems/td-p/1452437

Yes, the Yoga in general has wifi problems.

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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2014-07-23, 1:12 AM

Thanks.  The WiFi link is really not my problem.  I will keep looking.  The problem is the screen just blacks out for no reason.  The computer is 2 days old.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2014-09-16, 1:35 AM
Just in case it hasn't been mentioned by others, when I disabled RunSwUSB.exe, I got 2gb of my 4gb of ram. So infuriating!

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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2014-12-09, 1:18 AM

As an IT consultant, my mothers Yoga13 started having these same problems, and was brought to me as usual to figure it out.


So far, the only explanation I could come up with, is that the WiFi card is a bit under powered, as a result, I applied multiple fixes that were listed here that effected the laptops ability to control power to the device, and the laptops ability to enable or disable the wifi card.


Next, I disabled the bluetooth as she doesnt use it, and updated all the drivers.


Then I configured her cheap router, increasing the hz of the signal, and setting the channel, making sure that everything on her network was static as far as the laptop was concerned, and that the router would not try to auto switch channels or any adresses.


This has seemed to fix her problem completely, and now even uses the wifi in bed ( different floor and opposite end of house)


I came to this conclusion because my own computers wifi card and my router are top notch, and at first I couldnt recreate the problems she was describing at my house.  Only after seeing it happen at hers, and then using one of my pc's bands and editing the wifi signal was I able to recreate her situation.  By setting my pcie wifi adapters 2nd band to a congested channel, removing the antenna, and knocking the signal strength to the floor, I ended up getting the exact same result of dropped wifi connections/poor or intermittant signal strength.


I also noticed that my own high end router, with completely default settings on her Yoga 13, had a seemless connection to the laptop, yet I wasnt getting full bandwidth.  I was able to recreate my findings by taking one of the bands on my router ( it has 3, 2x2.4ghz channels and a 5ghz) and trying to mess it up (poor channel settings/ auto settings)


in this way I could literally walk around the house with the Yoga, and watch my 2 different SSIDS, one configured properly, and 1 configured poorly (coming out of the same router) and could clearly see that one network was behaving perfectly, while the other was giving me most of the problems listed here.




What I changed on her Router-

20hz, changed to 60hz

Wifi channel changed from "Auto" to "11"

Set Static IP for her laptop


What I changed on her Yoga-

Wifi Channel set to "11"

Disabled applications ability to control the wifi cards power

Changed windows power profile so this device was maximized

Updated all laptop drivers

Disabled/removed Bluetooth (she doesnt use)

Changed advanced options on device

Removed, and then set all options for windows regarding her WLAN.



I've experienced problems like this in the past on company laptops, and usually removing the bluetooth completely would solve the problem.  It's a bandaid, but in situations where I can get away with it, I dont hesitate.  If you dont have a nice router, and cant change these settings I would suggest giving it a go, otherwise you should be able to configure your router/card properly, leave bluetooth enabled, and be alright.


if your using say an xfinity modem as your router, then I feel for you, I really do.  But at my own house, I was able to have perfectly fine performance out of the Yogas wifi card, with the bluetooth enabled, in all areas of my house(including the garage) off of a single router.



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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2014-12-10, 5:06 AM

I had the same problem.  My wifi suddenly turned-off.  Not signal was detected at all.  Fortunately, I have fixed with System Restore.  It fixed the problem, then I follow-up with updates.  Hopefully, this will help you as well.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2015-06-12, 18:52 PM

Possible solution:

   set your router to manual channel selection and use one of the channels from 4 to 7.


Why did I do that?


I believe now that Yoga 13 (first generation) Realtek WiFi card and/or driver have problems dealing with interference from other networks,


When I bought my Yoga in 2012 WiFi worked fine. With time however it started dropping off the network, for last year it was not able to connect at all, even if the router was right next to it. During that time number of WiFi networks in my vicinity increased.


I noticed that my Apple AirPort Express router was set to automatic channel assignment and it always was using channel 11.

I set it to manual and chose channel 6. My Yoga suddenly was able to connect to the network without problems and it maintains connection in the entire house.


A bit of theory behind it.


In North America 2.4 GHz network uses eleven channels numbered from 1 to 11. Each is assigned different frequency range but those ranges overlap between neighbouring channels. Logically the best channels to use are 1 and 11 because they have no other channels to interfere with on the left side of the spectrum for 1 and on the right side for 11.

If your router is allowed to automatically select a channel then it will naturally pick either 1 or 11. Now if you have many routers in the area and all of them are set to automatic channel selection (which probably is the default manufacturer's option) then suddenly those best channels get crowded.

I manually set my router to channel 6 because theoretically it is one of the worst channels to use, right in the middle of the spectrum facing interference from left and right. For that reason no router with"simplistic" auto mode will choose that channel. In the world of many "stupid" routers running on auto those channels 4 to 7 seem to be the best to use.


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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

2016-10-28, 21:59 PM
I had this problem on a brand new Thinkpad 13 with an Intel AC-8260 card... Internet was less than 1 Mbit, when I turned off the 5.2GHz band I'd get 4Mbit max despite the connection saying 866Mbit. I tried many things, including updating drivers, turning off BT, reinstalling the device, nothing worked. Turned out the Intel AC-8260 was bad, Lenovo sent me a new card, I put it in, and immediately I maxed out my Fios. My guess is there is a bad batch of these cards out there.
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