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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

I'm one of the regular posters in the notebookreview thread... I was actualy about to post a link.


There is no Intel wireless card available fo the Yoga13. The reference earlier in this forum of the three models was never verified and no more information was ever found... certainly not of any models available in the US or known otherwise. 


I'm one of many that has taken my Yoga apart many times (added SSD and memory) and tried to see if the wireless is replaceable, etc. It is not. (bought mine on launch day in October 2012, and have taken it apart several times).


While the wireless is removeable, it is a proprietary connector to this motherboard by Lenovo and an odd shapped card about half the size of an mSata card or mini pcie wireless. We've also explored buying a mini pci-e wireless card and putting it in the extra SSD slot. It is not recognized by the motherboard.

So, the poor quality proprietary Realtek wreless is not upgradeable. That, and the wireless antennas are very short and only go under the palmrest (not up in the screen like many other laptops).


Some have sad drivers updates help, but most likely using newer more compatible wirless routers are your best bet.

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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues



"While the wireless is removable, it is a proprietary connector to this motherboard by Lenovo...."


Yes, it connects to the USB bus, in my understanding.


"We've also explored buying a mini pci-e wireless card and putting it in the extra SSD slot. It is not recognized by the motherboard..."


But did you try with the Intel card mentioned ( ? Isn't there some kind of Whitepaper which lists the peripherals the Yoga's BIOS will accept?


Thanks for the info though and you are absolute right; The Realtek card and the implementation of it, is absolutely crap. Such a shame for an otherwise great computer

Paper Tape
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues


New here... I want to know the last driver that you guys are using... I am new in this yoga 13 wifi issues....

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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

The latest June 6th driver from Lenovo is the newest and improves things for some users: .  Most people then manually disable the "RunSwUDB" service that causes the mouse to flicker and doesn't appear to do anything (Charms, Search for "local services" in Settings, right-mouse on RunSwUSB and select Properties, Stop and set its Startup Type to Disabled.


If this doesn't help, another driver option to try is the January "beta" driver originally from diecast17:


Punch Card
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

Hey folks, months ago I sent my laptop into Lenovo support, but they weren't able to reproduce the issue. Obviously there's something up though. I've been using it, but I tend to stay in the same office where the router is. Tonight, I strayed out and plugged in another Realtek based USB wifi card. It too has the same issue that the built in one has. However...

I increased the Antenna Diversity type to 3 and the connection speed doubled from 150Mbps to 300Mbps. I had no luck changing the Antenna Diversity type on the built in card. The best part is that my connection is rock solid since it's on the side and doesn't rely on my palm resting in a certain position.

Punch Card
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

I just noticed with D-Link DIR-655 EU that when i configure router WIFI to only talk 802.1n (not b nor g), then yoga connection goes unstable and speed is only 500kbit/s. Enabling g protocol makes the connection stable and full speed. All other my devices and PCs work full speed wihen n protocol only enabled.

What's DOS?
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

What I discovered with my WIFI connection was that it doesn't depend on router but the channel that router transmits. I tested with 2 different routers and mobile phone with tethering.


If the channel was not pure i.e.. there were other (my neighbor) router on the same channel my Lenovo couldn't even establish the connection. I scanned the transmitting channels and configured my router to transmit with one that was not in use. With both routers and with mobile phone the connection with free channel was as fast as my internet connection, no problems at all but as soon as I tried the channel that was used by my neighbor, I managed to connect sometimes but connection dropped continuously and I needed to reboot before was able to connect again.


Maybe the channel filter is not so good with Yoga or something in receiver that it can't tolerate any co-channel interference.

Punch Card
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

Does anyone know if Lenovo fixed all these wifi issues in the second generation of the Yoga (Yoga 2 Pro, in particular)?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues


Good lord I hope so.  We're investigating USB adapters because the existing Yoga 13 adapters are so problematic no matter what driver/tweak combination we try. Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: yoga 13 wifi issues

I'm very happy for you that you solved your since it appears as though you do not plan on leaving your house with your yoga. But for myself who specifically purchased the yoga to use outside of my house, thar doesn't do us much good.


l've already relented and purchased a Netgear USB NIC. The USB port I saved with tge bluetooth mouse just got took up from something that should never have needed be added.  Smiley Sad

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