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Fanfold Paper
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yoga 720 type c to hdmi+LAN-RJ45 +which pen


I am going to but the yoga 720 15.6 i5 FHD model and I noticed it doesnt have lan port or hdmi.

If I buy an adaptor from type c to hdmi+lan will it work or I need something special from a certain company ?


Another question: does the i5 fhd model wacom pen?

I think I ll buy the Bamboo Smart for select tablets and 2-in-1  becasue its a lot cheaper in my country? will it work ?



thank you,


Token Ring
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Re: yoga 720 type c to hdmi+LAN-RJ45 +which pen

I bought this and it works well on most displays (except on my Dell QHD monitors at work):


My UHD TV claims to have been running UHD@60Hz last night when i decided to try some PS2 emulation from bed, but the mouse cursor seemed laggy like 30Hz. I set it to 1080p and it felt the same way though, so maybe I'm just crazy.


I haven't supplied it with additional usb-c power, but read that you might have to if you plug in power-hungry usb devices to it. My Dell monitor had issues with random red dots all over and screen going black. With mouse and kb plugged into the unit, the screen went black a lot.

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