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yoga 920 - touchpad missing since win 10 update KB4489899

I want to report a issue a had today and the only solution i could find so far.


I update windows 10 v1809 with the last package KB4489899 which made the touchpad completly unsuable, i had to remove such update to have it working again.


I tried:

restart, shutdown and start

disable and re-able the touchpad both via function key and lenovo vantage

troubleshooting with windows

update windows again

update driver with lenovo vantage

check device manager, where the periherial itself was no more to be found in the mouse folder, so i couldnt force update driver


In the end, if i understand correctly, the touchpad is a I2C periherial from the device provider, as it is in the human interface folder from device manager, but is also in the folder mouse, along with the pen periherial, with the update, touchpad mouse cannot be found there anymore.


The only solution was to remove KB4489899 update to restore the perherial again.

Last thing, i noticed many driver update that cannot be installed since the lenovo itself does not allow it, for example the graphic driver is stuck at v23 while intel published v25, if you cannot certifiy such update work properly i really would like to be allowed to install it at my own risk. I noticed this as another windows update in the past prevented me to control screen brightness until a fix arrived.


I wonder if other experienced same issues and hope to help.



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Re: yoga 920 - touchpad missing since win 10 update KB4489899

FWIW, 1809 is blocked for automatic updating in many computers of varying brands. The Yoga 920 is one of those. Your computer shouldn't have taken 1809 to begin with as it introduces a lot of problems. There are ways around that, but I think, unofficially, the best bet for anyone else happening on this thread is to wait a few weeks for 1904.  I have a 910 and a 920. Both are still on 1803 and working normally.

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Re: yoga 920 - touchpad missing since win 10 update KB4489899

FWIW, my Yoga 920 is running Windows 10 Pro, version 1809, OS Build 17763.379 and the KB4489899 did not cause any issue with my touchpad (or anything else that I have noticed).


I have used the "Intel Driver & Support Assistant" to upgrade my Video driver to ver:  But that was done a month or so ago and no obvious problem has resulted.  Lenovo still doesn't show this driver as available for the Yoga 920.  So yes - I took my own chance with it.  So far so good...


Lenovo Vantage update seems to be much more conservative in regards to locating and installing updates.  As I keep a daily Acronis image backup for the prior 6 months offline on my NAS I have simply forged ahead when I found updates from Intel.  Even the available driver downloads from Lenovo's own support site for the 920 don't generally update for months after they first show up as downloadable.  Yet it readily downloads them if prompted one at a time...


Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of success.  I love my Yoga 920.  Best notebook I ever owned (and the most expensive I'll ever pay for.)


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