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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ix4-300d Date & Time Error

I had this issue as well and not having a clear answer on this is driving me crazy.  After working through a lot of options, I have a solution.  It seems like a round about way, but worked for me.  My guess is that AXIS interferes and overwrites something that it is not supposed to.


1. Enable AXIS Home Video System from the Feature Selection if it is not already.

2. Go to Application Manager

3. You should see the AHVS in the list of applications.  If it is not there, try installing/enabling it from the AHVS main menu.

4. Delete this application.


This immediate brought back my ability to set the date and time.  I did use a new user that I setup as admin, but this was only so I could try out one of the solutions that I had found online.  This alone did not work, but maybe it is a step you can take.


 I was instructed by support that the only option was for me to re-image my NAS drive.  This freaked me out a LOT! And given that the final solution was so simple,  the original thread was so old and that there seemed to be a solution already I am losing faith in their ability to actually trouble shoot or read history.  This is disappointing.



Hope this helps someone else out there.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ix4-300d Date & Time Error

OK, this is a pretty old thread but I wanted to thank tcwheeler for the solution. I recently had the issue  of Date & Time not working on an ix4-300d. Just installed the latest firmware and still had the same problem. I ran across this thread and just INSTALLING the AXIS Video Hosting System fixed it. I can know click on and see Date & Time setting! I did not add a new admin account, did not have to uninstall AXIS which I probably will do, but glad to find the fix. THANKS!

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