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Lenovo Staff
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Changes in Version - Release date 07/08/2013


  • Corrects a problem passing arguments when executing Additional Actions menu scripts 
  • Corrects issues connecting and disconnecting iSCSI drives in Windows 8 
  • Corrects documentation and UI errors 
  • Fixes some translation problems in the Portuguese and Arabic language versions 
  • Fixes automatic start for Twonky Media Server in Windows 7 and 8 

NOTE: LSM version is recommended to detect and manage network storage devices running LifeLine 4.0.4. You need at least LSM 1.4.3 for LifeLine devices running 4.0.2 or above. 

LenovoEMC Network Storage Support Site:

Product Compatibility: 

  • All LenovoEMC px Network Storage devices 
  • All Lenovo ix Network Storage devices 
  • EZ Media & Backup Center 
  • Iomega® StorCenter™ px-series devices 
  • Iomega® StorCenter™ ix-series devices 
  • Iomega® Home Media Network Hard Drive 

(Backward compatible with previous Iomega StorCenter devices and iConnect)

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Is there a version coming out for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)?


The Storage Manager crashes ( fails to start.  I've removed it and installed twice, but no sucess. - I'm aware it states 10.5 to 10.8.



I happily had an iConnect and with WD hard drive attached directly connected to the Gigabit Lan Ethernet port on my BT Homehub providing a NAS and media server for my wireless network. Since installing this version of the storage manager I've lost connection to it.


If I disconnect the iConnect and drive and directly attach them to my desktop pc via Ethernet then the storage manager finds them, but not very practical when I had an always on resource 


Reconnect to homehub again and the storage manager software reports them as unavailable.


The iConnect is running firmware version


Any ideas what may be wrong?


After installing this and updating the firmware, I am unable to map drives to my shares - is there a solution to this?


Cng, what device do you have?  Is it an ix or px?  What firmware did you upgrade to?  please describe the process of mapping the drives, and I may be able to offer a better way.  I have found that mapping through the storage manager isn't always perfect.  



my Windows Suface RT 8.1 does not want to install this version.  Is there a update version to use? 

This statement needs to be changed "Windows 8 (all versions) "