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Excessive network traffic and wifi drops linked to LenovoEMC Storage connector


Some previous versions of LenovoEMC Storage connector / discover.exe could lead to excessive network traffic and network disconnects or denial of service in some environments.


Corporate networks or ISPs may detect an excessive amount of unusual network traffic coming from ThinkPad systems preloaded with Microsoft Windows 8.1.  The network traffic may be interpreted as a network flood or denial-of-service attack.  As a result, the system may become restricted on the network or the network may stop functioning normally.


“LenovoEMC Storage Connector” is preloaded on some ThinkPad models to help customers discover and connect to LenovoEMC storage devices on their network.  The process causing the network flood is discovery.exe, which is a component of “LenovoEMC Storage Connector”.


Lenovo has released and updated version that resolves these symptoms.  If you wish to use LenovoEMC storage connector please install the version listed below (or later).


Version update for LenovoEMC Storage Connector:


LenovoEMC Storage Connector for Windows: Version


For more information, click on the following URL:





This application may have be included in the preload for many ThinkPad models including:


ThinkPad Yoga

ThinkPad S1 Yoga

ThinkPad X140e

ThinkPad 11e

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (type 20A7 and 20A8)

ThinkPad X240s

ThinkPad X240

ThinkPad T440

ThinkPad T440s

ThinkPad T440p

ThinkPad T540p

ThinkPad W540

ThinkPad L440

ThinkPad L540

ThinkPad E145

ThinkPad E440

ThinkPad E540

ThinkPad S440

ThinkPad S540


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Andrew_Lenovo On 2014-04-14, 15:10 PM

The update for LenovoEMC Storage Connector that fixes some critical
network issues is now available to Lenovo computers where the software is


Version update for LenovoEMC Storage Connector:


LenovoEMC Storage Connector for Windows: Version

Mark_Lenovo On 2014-04-17, 13:10 PM


Thanks Andrew!  The article has been revised to include these updates.

jamestan2000 On 2014-08-11, 5:04 AM

Thank you for this article. I have downloaded the update for Version hope i dont get this drop wifi issue again. This is should  be a little more prominent as I think there are lots of user facing the same thing but locating this page is not that obvious.


Thank you for the solution



riazmaan On 2014-09-23, 17:48 PM
Lorica On 2015-02-06, 10:03 AM

We have procured a new E540 for a customer recently (January 2015) and this problem still exists. One laptop brought a business network to a standstill for all users. Once Lenovo realised that this was happening with some of their products they should have done something about it, but no, they carry on selling machines with the same devastating bug.


We have only recently become a Lenovo partner and we are a reseller for a couple of other major brands. I just can't believe the incompetency of a company that knowingly continues to sell machines with this fault. We managed to cotton on fairly quickly and deal with it but what about all those non admin customers?


This problem has been reported in these and others forums since at least 2013. Lenovo are happy to take our money but can't be bothered to resolve a problem with their product, that is treating customers with contempt, what a



Martin Turton

Lorica Ltd


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