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Updating the BIOS via USB -- X220's running Linux


My X220 runs linux and I need to update my BIOS from the ISO.My notebook does 


1. Get the bios update iso (8duj10uc.iso here) from the lenovo support site.


2. Get 'geteltorito' and extract the boot image from the iso (isobar.c probably works too)

$ wget 'http://www.uni-koblenz.de/~krienke/ftp/noarch/geteltorito/geteltorito.pl'

$ perl geteltorito.pl 8duj10uc.iso > biosupdate.img


3. Copy the image to the usb thumdrive

$ sudo dd if=biosupdate.img of=/dev/usbthumdrive bs=512K


Reboot, Press F12 and boot from thumb drive.


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stateq On 2018-05-08, 21:22 PM

Just FYI, geteltorito is maintained via the genisoimage package available in most Debian-based linux distributions, such as Ubuntu.  It can be installed by the following command on those systems:


sudo apt install genisoimage

After installing genisoimage, you can use the geteltorito command to extract the boot image from the iso as such:


geteltorito -o biosupdate.img 83uj32us.iso

You can then use the dd command to write biosupdate.img to a usb drive.  I actually prefer a GUI for this (I use Etcher), as it helps to prevent issuing catastrophic dd commands :)  BTW, I did this on a T420, but it should work with X220's as well.

Notifications On 2018-06-19, 8:44 AM

@stateq thanks. it works on E135

ILMostro7 On 2019-11-06, 19:00 PM

Excellent tips.  This should work for most laptops with recent versions of BIOS/UEFI ISO files and the various Linux distributions.

I can attest to the fact that it works from Gentoo on a W520 with



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