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Brand new lappie! Want to liberate it! Ideapad with AMD veterans, are you out there?

Hey all. Just bought an IdeaPad Z585. This seems to be a really brand new new, there's not even much info on it on the usually exhaustive Lenovo (formerly IBM) hardware site. I have been a major Thinkpad fangirl since the late 90s so having this machine has been great. It seems quite good under Windows.


If all goes well this will be my "on the road" video editing lappie, and to that end I have already installed Sony Vegas and I'm going to download and install the community version of Lightworks.  However, I'd like to get Linux on this machine. I'm working on a web series on Linux, I already have a netbook that dual boots Windows 7 Starter and Ubuntu, and I'm going to move that netbook to being an exclusively Linux machine. I like the idea of "eating my own dog food" so making this dual boot is a major priority.

Anyone have any early experience with Linux on an AMD Vision Platform Ideapad? Again, I know this is a new model but this is not the first Ideapad with this new APU architecture. I would prefer a Debian variant (Ubuntu, Mint, etc) over an RPM-based variant, as that's where the majority of my Linux experience has been.

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Re: Brand new lappie! Want to liberate it! Ideapad with AMD veterans, are you out there?

Hi I have an x120e with amd graphics...


I'm using exclusively mint 13 kde with it and I'm loving it...


You can try a live session with mint 13 kde and see by yourself if it likes your machine or not Smiley Happy

I'm just a volunteer. I like to help others where I can. Do my ideas work? I hope so. o_O
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My hardware: TP x120e 0596-2ru. Windows 7, sp1, 64Bit, English, installed in UEFI mode.
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