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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Does Sleep/Wake work on X1 Extreme for any Linux?

LOL. They say that "misery loves company", but it's not working for me in this case.

When you reported successful wakeups, I could cling to hope that perhaps someday whatever made it work in Pop_OS! would eventually make it to Ubuntu.

FYI, Ubuntu 18.10 was on 4.18.0-14-generic when I installed it last month, and it's now on 4.18.0-15-generic; no detectable difference.

In the "misery loves company" department, I've had exactly *one* successful wakeup from maybe a dozen tries. I don't know how or why I got that one surprise wakeup. It's too much effort to retry so now I've just been leaving my machine up overnight.

Punch Card
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Re: Does Sleep/Wake work on X1 Extreme for any Linux?

I use Debian/Buster with Bumblebee.  I have set the graphics mode to hybrid in the BIOS.  Suspend to RAM and suspend to disk work both without problem.  I don't recall it to require any special configuration.  Worked just out of the box.




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