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Drivers for Linux OS

My laptop is Lenovo G570.


Lenovo didn't provide drivers and other softwares for Linux OS. As I would like to install Ubuntu, where can I get those?

I checked the website but it didn't find them for linux. 



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Re: Drivers for Linux OS

ubuntu should have everything you need already there. some lenovos (i don't know about your particular model) have issues with the uefi which is like a bios but hates linux. in this case you have to change out the grub 2 bootloader in ubuntu for grub legacy. if you run into this problem try linux mint its very similar to ubuntu minus the unity overlay, but it still runs regular grub. another problem my b570 and some v570's have is with the wireless. if you run into this issue open a terminal and type the following commands


sudo service network-manager stop

sudo rmmod acer_wmi

sudo modprobe acer_wmi

sudo rfkill unblock all

sudo service network-manager start

sudo rmmod -f acer_wmi


then to get the settings to stick after reboot type


sudo su

echo "blacklist acer_wmi" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf



and you will have working wifi

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Re: Drivers for Linux OS

I would suggest you download and burn a Live-CD image of mint or the release of your choice and see if the required drivers are available to you from the Live-CD boot.  If one release does not work try another, as there might be differences in the available drivers from release to release.  I was allowed to boot a mint 11 Live-CD at the store to confirm compatibility before I bought my Z560 here.  Hopefully you will find a release that will support your G570 out of the box.  Once you do consider how you want to install it.  It is possible to keep the Win7 partitions functional with some effort if you like, but it will take more than the default install from a Live-CD to accomplish it.



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Re: Drivers for Linux OS

I run debian gnu linux on LenovoG 470 ... had to patch the bugged BIOS to get decent fan support...


main issue now is in sdcard driver



-- g470 s103t
Lenovo G470 | Model Name : 20078 | M fg Date: 11/03/23 | BIOS: 40CN23WW(V2.09) 06/20/2011 | CPU: i5-2410M | Linux version 3.3.4lenovog470+ (root@lap) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Debian 4.6.3-4) ) #8 SMP Tue May 1 10:23:48 CEST 2012

Lenovo S10-3t | Model Name : 0651 | Mfg Date: 2010/06/08
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Re: Drivers for Linux OS

You rock, thanks so much.
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