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E420 - Does it have a motherboard tatoo?




I've recently purchased a Thinkpad Edge E420, and I'm very satisfied with it.

However, I'm willing to install Linux Ubuntu on it, and before doing so, I need an information; I did tested Linux on the machine using a Live-USB, and it seems to work pretty well.


Could you tell me if my machine have a "motherboard tatoo" ?

You know, this "protection" that block you from installing others operating systems, to avoid piracy (I have no plan of installing another Windows OS, I have Windows 7 Pro !) ?


The problem is, if my PC does have a motherboard tatoo, when I'll install Linux, GRUB boatloader will replace the original MasterBootRecord, and Windows will then refuse to boot.

Not sure if the term "motherboard tatoo" is accurate, however, in French, it's definitely called "PC tatoué" (Tatooed PC).



I've asked to the store where I bought my PC, on forums as well, and there are no magical way to check if there is a tatoo or not.

Could you tell me, please?

Thanks, I appreciate it. 

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Re: E420 - Does it have a motherboard tatoo?

This shouldn't  be a problem.


A Google of "E420 Linux" or "Lenovo E420 Ubuntu" turns up many posts describing this installation.  Here's one: Lenovo E420, Ubuntu + Windows 7


Don't forget to burn your recovery media before installing Linux.



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Token Ring
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Re: E420 - Does it have a motherboard tatoo?

Thanks you very much!

I did burned the recovery DVDs, and I'll save the original MasterBootRecord, as well.

I consider this issue as solved, for now.  I'll let you know what happen next, when I'll proceed with installation.



I see you're also a Linux user, in your signature; too many VMs too count, same for me. Smiley Tongue  Wanted to try Windows Millenium so bad, as well as others Betas..

This is seriously cool! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: E420 - Does it have a motherboard tatoo?

Hey Smiley Happy

Just saying the installation worked like a charm. I installed 11.10, and I only had a bit of trouble with my slow wifi connection (I think it's because of my router), and the recovery mode that wouldn't boot at all.

I then installed 12.04 LTS the day it arrived, and it work even better. Recovery mode work, and wifi is way better (I wouldn't say "perfect", but better).

As for Windows, GRUB got installed in the MBR without a problem, and Windows 7 is still alive. Smiley Wink

Thanks again for your support!
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