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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎01-31-2012
Location: Aberdeen
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Hi, thinkpad x200 and fedora linux 16 -- Intel ESST question

Hi guys ,


I guess my question appears retorical to some of you but i would like to know 

does my intel speed step techonology on my x200 works on fedora 16 as good

as it works on windows. If there's a tool to measure i'd certainly appreciate some input on that.


thanks, Smiley Happy


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Location: Atlanta,Georgia

Re: Hi, thinkpad x200 and fedora linux 16 -- Intel ESST question


Believe fedora must have the CPU frequency scaling applet in the Gnome applet list. And yes kernel version 2.6 and above supports frequency scaling.

Cheers and regards,
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