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IdeaPad Z370 and Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit - problem with volume buttons

I recently bought my new Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 without operating system and installed Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit (the pre-installed system was FreeDOS which I decided to remove).


Nearly all is working fine. The only exception are the volume keys: pressing them does start adjusting the volume, but causes a system problem. If I press sound up, the speakers move to immediately to the maximum volume and behave as it I was continuing to press the button.


The same happens when pressing the volume down or sound off buttons. It is then not possible any more to use the keyboard or type anyting, nor change the volume using the touchpad and Ubuntu's speaker symbol. It is also not possible any more to shut down the computer using Ubuntu's virtual shutdown button, but with the real button on the computer.


The touchpad is still working and after putting the computer briefly into standby the problem is solved to the degree that it is possible to use the keyboard etc. again, and the sound volume can be adjusted again with Ubuntu's speaker symbol.


I guess this must be a driver issue that ubuntu 11.1 does not support the buttons.


As well, the one-key-theatre button and the thermal-management button do not work. Pressing them, just nothing happens (except that the light up).


I should mention that installing Ubuntu apparently deleted the partitions including the one-key recovery button. At least this key does now only work like a second power-button. Unfortunately I did not receive the User-guide with the computer but only downloaded from the internet after installing Ubuntu.


I wonder whether apart from adjusting the volume buttons, it might be possible to get the one-key-theatre button and thermal-management-button operational for ubuntu too, and whether the one-key-recovery button could work under ubuntu too. Gparted tells me that I have 2 small partitions of 3.9 GiB each, labeled "extended" and "windows swap", and one of 1.02 GiB which is not in use apart from the main drive of course.

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Re: IdeaPad Z370 and Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit - problem with volume buttons

Exact same problem here.  I also have glitchy graphics when I try to alt-tab to a different program.  The screen flickers and often the keyboard stops working and the launcher bar crashes.  


Are there any fixes for this?  I am not sure if the intel hd drivers are installed properly.  From what I have read, the drivers are supposed to be built into the new kernel and they should automatically be installed but I'm not sure how to check this.  

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Re: IdeaPad Z370 and Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit - problem with volume buttons

The issue you are encountering is due to driver absence in Linux.

The driver for Linux is not available.  Hope, Ubuntu new version have more applications and drivers.


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What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Z370 and Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit - problem with volume buttons

Shame on you guys from Lenovo.... I have the same IdeaPad Z370, with the same problem, but I find out a way to solve it:

This particular problem has been driving me nuts for a while, because just *brushing* the capacitive buttons can disable your keyboard. I just found a fix this afternoon. Add the following line to your /lib/udev/rules.d/95-keyboard-force-release.rules file:

ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="LENOVO", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="IdeaPad Z370", RUN+=" $devpath common-volume-keys"

Additionally, if you accidentally lock up your keyboard this way, you can restore it by switching to a virtual terminal and then switching back to X (try Ctrl-Alt-F2 followed by Alt-F7).



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