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Paper Tape
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Ideapad Y700 Backlit keyboard - Ubuntu Linux

New US Y700 with latest bios - scrubbed Windoze because of the buggy, freezing NVidea driver and loaded Ubuntu 17.04


I would like to find the hardware address of the backlit keyboard so I can turn it on/off via a script. Also, if the keyboard is of a particular subtype, would love to know that too! While were on the subject - the hardware address of the subwoofer in alsa would be helpful too.


Unix works well - had to tune some othe systemd time outs to get the machine to shutdown within a reasonable time - that was it so far.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Y700 Backlit keyboard - Ubuntu Linux

A bit late, but on a Y700 I have just tried Fn-space in Debian and it steps the keyboard through off-dim-bright and back to off. I would expect it to work in Ubuntu too.


It took me over 6 months to find that! It usually was left on from a previous session in Windows. Now I have not seen the dim setting in Windows, only bright or off, although I can't be sure of that as I only rarely use Windows, maybe once every 2 months.


Edit: The keycode is 248 so you may be able to inject that using something like Xtest to do it programatically. I tried using xdotool (apt-get install xdotool is probably required) but I could not find a way of telling it about the Fn key. It doesn't seem to be able to accept numeric input, and the Fn key is non-standard. 


Another edit: It appears to be a hardware function of the laptop, so sending input to the X server will probably have no effect. I am thinking that there will still be an approximate replica of the old 8041 microcontroller in I/O space in the range 0x060-0x06F. (Not on a desktop where keyboards have moved to USB a long time ago). It is my guess that the write address, which will control the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK leds, etc, will probably also be responsible for the backlight. But of course it may not take input from the CPU, maybe only the keys. And, there may be an IOMMU involved....


I think I will just be content with Fn-Space.

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