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Paper Tape
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Installation failure: ACPI warning: Incorrect checksum

Hi, I'm trying Qubes (a Xen+Fedora based linux distro) for a particular setup but I'm experiencing some difficulties. I'll try to include as many useful information as possible, in case someone could help.

I've tried to install Qubes on the mSATA SSD of my new Thinkpad X220,
along with Windows 7 (dual boot). Since there is no CD drive, I had to
use the USB installer and at first everything went great: I managed to
install Qubes on an encrypted LUKS partition, and a separate, cleartext
/boot partition on a USB drive. In this way, turning on the pc normally
boots windows without asking anything, while if I insert the USB stick
prior to turning on, the Qubes bootloader starts instead.

It worked at the first try I made, but I didn't set up swap nor a
suitable /tmp partition, so when I accidentally closed the lid the
system didn't recover from hybernation. I was happy nonetheless, it was
just a test, so I decided to reinstall the system with more care and tuning.

Since then, every time I try to boot Qubes from the USB stick to
reinstall it, after I choose the first option on the bootloader screen,
it hangs with the following error:

ACPI Warning: Incorrect checksum in table [ ] - 5B, should be 9F (20100121/tbutils-314

The recovery option doesn't work either. The normal boot from the USB
stick hangs with a black screen. With "hangs" I mean that nothing,
except for pressing the power key, has effect, including the magic
REISUB key sequence.

Windows is still working as nothing happened.

I tried to install Ubuntu with a similar setup, and it worked.

I tried to install Fedora with a similar setup, and it failed with a
similar ACPI error.

During all these tests BIOS has always been updated to the latest
version (and this means that I'm unable to overwrite it, since the
Lenovo utility claims that no upgrade is necessary).

Any help would be greatly appreciated Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
Posts: 7
Location: Italy
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Re: Installation failure: ACPI warning: Incorrect checksum

Up Smiley Happy
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