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Installing Ubuntu 16.04.2 alongside Windows 10 on T480s

I am planning to buy T480s which comes with Windows 10 64 bit. I want to make it dual boot. I checked in UBuntu site and found it listed at

However I didnt find the hardware component listed on Lenovo site

a) Will it be wise to press forward and buy T480s or shall I buy T470s which is listed in Lenovo site

b) While surfing through the previous topics I found people faced problem in dual booting on  UEFI. Is there a special guideline for Lenovo users? I will be doing it myself and I have no prior knowledge to dual booting. My colleague used to do it for me, and now he has left.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Installing Ubuntu 16.04.2 alongside Windows 10 on T480s

In EMEA the only difference between  T480s and  T470s is the new CPU. T480s' CPU has 4 real cores while the T470s has only 2. The integrated GPU, Wifi module and Ethernet chip are the same. 
I would buy a T480s with just an integrated GPU core. Stay away from models with the NVidia core, but they are not available in EMEA anyway. 

Saying that,  you could run into some issues with the new 8th gen. CPU, but usually Linux support for new CPUs does not take very long. And even than you could still opt for installing ubuntu in virtualbox or vmware player and try again in a few weeks/months.  Windows is a fantastic HAL Smiley Wink

Regarding Ubuntu, I would try the 16.04.3 version.  It has a newer kernel.  Version 16.04.4 will be available shortly after LTS 18.04 release in April/May

UEFI dual boot setup should be quite easy to do. You need to make sure that you boot Ubuntu install media in UEFI mode

this is a very quick overview what to do:

1. disable secure boot in UEFI.

2. shrink the Windows C: volume/partition. This can be done in Windows with 'Disk Management'.

3. I guess you should move the windows 10 recovery partition (NOT THE LENOVO Recovery Partition)  to the end of the C: partition using gparted. This should give you space for linux between the windows 10 recovery partition and the Lenovo Recovery Partition. 

4  install ubuntu 



And don't forget to create your Lenovo recovery media first!!!


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