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Paper Tape
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Linux distros for cheap Lenovo laptops

Hi all,

I come from Indonesia that pirated software can easily get by anyone. I would like to tell Lenovo Indonesia but I don't find the e-mail address on their website, so I tell to this forum.

Recently, I buy Lenovo Thinkpad X100e. I bought Thinkpad X100e (DOS only) because it is cheap, small and having ATI graphic cards. I suggest Lenovo build/create Linux distros for its cheap laptops instead of DOS. Because not every Linux distros is suitable for Lenovo laptops (Some features is missing). MS Windows 7 is still not affordable by many Indonesian. Thanks.




What's DOS?
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Re: Linux distros for cheap Lenovo laptops

Good idea, Zariyan


I had no trouble installing SuSE 11.1 (x64) on this machine. (I also installed windows XP,

which was much more difficult and still not completely working.)


Some problems with the SuSE:


- most of the function keys don't work, including especially

 (for me) the volume control / mute and the switch video screens


- the x100e appears to have only mono sound, and sound cannot be switched between

  the speaker and headphones. In other words, the speaker is always on. I haven't

  verified this in XP, because my XP sound doesn't work at all.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Linux distros for cheap Lenovo laptops



you have to understand that driver problems in Linux on any Laptop or Desktop PC is not only to be blamed on the Laptop manufacturer.

I would say though Lenovo laptops run very well with Debian based Distros. You might wanna try Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint.

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Re: Linux distros for cheap Lenovo laptops

i have 9.04 64bit running from usb flash for my T500 and it works fine

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Linux distros for cheap Lenovo laptops



The problem is not the linux distro , is the hardware witch run on laptop`s.

From a few years now y buy just laptops with Intel hardware , and no issue with any of linux distros(The kernel is almost the same on all of them),

On my latest sl5100 al devices are working perfect (just the special functions are not working).The rest are OK(volume mute skroll FN-key)

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