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Possible to use t400 lcd display + external DVI at same time?



I am considering purchasing a t400 with wxga+ (1440x900) led display plus the advanced mini dock in order to gain an external DVI display.  I understand from searching this forum that if I have the t400 with integrated graphics only then I can use the DVI connection, or if I have t400 with the switchable graphics that I have to use the discrete (ATI) graphics to use the DVI connection.


My question is whether I can use both the thinkpad's LCD plus a 1900x1200 monitor over DVI at the same time using a relatively recent version of Linux, i.e. Ubuntu 9.04 or upcoming 9.10, or Fedora 11 or Fedora 12?  This would result in a total resolution of 3340 across (1900+1440).  It appears from the t400 specs that the intel chipset supports a maximum resolution of 2048 across, but the page seems to indicate that you can go over this limit.


Can anyone confirm whether it is possible to use both the LCD and an external 1900x1200 display over DVI in Linux using either the Intel 4500 integrated graphics or the ATI 3470?  If so, is 3d available for either?



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