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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎07-02-2008
Location: India
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Problem installing AMD propriety drivers on Lenovo G570 laptop

[ Edited ]

I have a Lenovo G570 laptop with switchable Intel HD graphics and an AMD Radeon HD 6370M graphics card. I installed Ubuntu 11.10 and installed the AMD graphics driver from the repository. But the even after installing the drivers, Ubuntu 11.10 could not detect the AMD Radeon card. So I downloaded the new AMD driver 11.11 for Linux from the AMD website and ran it as directed. I also updated the xorg.conf file after installing the driver. The installation proceeded smoothly and the driver setup program showed that the driver had been installed successfully. But when I reboot my laptop, the booting stops before the login screen can come up, and I get a black screen with the messages that were being displayed while the booting was in progress. When I checked the xorg log file after logging in from the recovery mode, it showed a message about a Segmentation Fault.

I could not uninstall the AMD driver and there was no way I could get the laptop to boot into the login screen and I had to reinstall Ubuntu 11.10.


Has this happened to anyone and is there anyway I can troubleshoot the problem and install the proprietary AMD driver safely?

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Re: Problem installing AMD propriety drivers on Lenovo G570 laptop


Iv'e not seen this happening in the Y560 which also runs an AMD . If you dont have a particular reason of installing only 11.10 I would suggest you could try the older versions especially the LTS ones.. The Unity interface sucks IMO Smiley Wink

Cheers and regards,
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