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What's DOS?
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Re: I want linux on my s10-3c, but keyboard isn't work

I'm also facing this keyboard problem on my newly bought Lenovo s10-3c.
Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo S10-3c keyboard Ubuntu Linux

Dear All,

One of the finest things that ideapad give us is the portablity and the use in varied conditions. And, this pleases the Linux fans the most. But, one of the most regular problem has been found with Ideapad S10-3c. Its keyboard is not detected. Although some solutions are provided, but in the end there is common opinion is that it has very uncomfortable bios.


My earnest request with the Lenovo community is to please take a look at this issue and help us relieve from very unpleasant situation. Some links to discussion are pasted below.


Ubuntu bugs keyboard issue confirm: []


Ubuntu forums Lenovo S10-3c



Thanks and regards,


Ambrish Dhaka



Blue Screen Again
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Re: S10-3C & linux & keyboard

this is so bad and annoying and i bought specificlly lenova since i heard that linux and ubuntu work on it with no problem

actually windows 7 sucks really so bad so slow so crashy (crash first time i start it). and since ubuntu does not really work well on this machine i am so disappoisted with my choice i will go for Dell for sure next time (traying to sell this one still new wish me luck in selling it). nowadays companies just want to sell i ask them about linux and they said it works (i guess they dont know what the hell is linux)

bad Lenova


What's DOS?
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Re: S10-3C & linux & keyboard

Hi, I would like to inform those who are not aware of the progress that the keyboard issue is resolved.


If you click the link provided in message 22 in this thread on the bug and scroll down to the end, you will find that a solution is provided to send a signal to turn on the keyboard with acpi ON (ie no need to add the acpi options in grub).  This will enable the power manager in linux to work and hence allow a fully functional mobile application.  A real success.


Still, the webcam is not working, but that is less frustrating.

What's DOS?
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Re: S10-3C & linux & keyboard

Me again


some notes:  the link in post 22 is not correct, this is the correct one


You can find the info starting from post 101 and a detailed description in post 106


Hope this help

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