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Registered: ‎02-26-2012
Location: Prague
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S205 boot problems: Installed Ubuntu, but can't boot from HDD



Yesterday I bought a refurbished S205, supposedly without OS. Turned it on and it booted into FreeDOS, so I booted up again from a Ubuntu 10.04 LiveUSB to examine the hard drives. There were actually a few partitions, one containing an Ubuntu filesystem, one containing a Windows filesystem, one which was the Lenovo system restore partition, and a 130MB one which was unmountable for some.


Since I couldn't boot from any of these partitions and I bought the laptop without Windows, I decided to format the whole disk and start again with Ubuntu. I've done this plenty of times on other systems without problems.


After installing Ubuntu and restarting the system, I now cannot boot into anything! The computer turns on, shows the Lenovo boot screen, then goes blank, restarts itself and the process begins again.


If anyone can advise me on what the problem could be I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

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Re: S205 boot problems: Installed Ubuntu, but can't boot from HDD



You may Try by changing the SATA Mode  option Under Bios From Compatibility  or ACHI Mode or Vice Versa




Hope This Helps


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Registered: ‎11-10-2011
Location: Albania
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Re: S205 boot problems: Installed Ubuntu, but can't boot from HDD

Can you still boot from the UBUNTU live usb? Or it can't boot at all?



I'm just a volunteer. I like to help others where I can. Do my ideas work? I hope so. o_O
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My hardware: TP x120e 0596-2ru. Windows 7, sp1, 64Bit, English, installed in UEFI mode.
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Registered: ‎04-07-2012
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Re: S205 boot problems: Installed Ubuntu, but can't boot from HDD

[ Edited ]

sorry but my english is too poor


tuve el mismo problema, probe con varias distros basadas en Debian, que es lo que mas se usar, todas ellas para arquitectura 386. porque la version de "windows 7 home starter basic inutilizable" era a 32 bits, luego por algun nivel de frustracion dije :" y si trato con una de 64" , probe con Ubuntu 11.10 version 64 bits , et voila, fnunciono el boot y todo. luego me cambie a xubuntu 11.10 , ya que se me acomoda mas xfce. luego creare un hilo con mis peripecias con el s205. llamadas al servicio tecnico lenovo ( no tenian idea lo del boot EFI ).




PD1: esto fechado abril 2012 ( es inportante lo de las fechas en las respuestas )

PD2: use any web translator the english spoken.