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What's DOS?
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Re: V570 UEFI problem

Hello Dragos!

Are from Romania? I have the same problem with a Lenovo V570 notebook. It will be kind of you if you'll give some little help.. Will you?

Punch Card
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Re: V570 UEFI problem

what do you need help with? 


there are some distros that are harder to get working than others so what distro do you want to run?


linux mint seems to work well with dual boots (and just linux in general due to the version of grub it has)


to do linux mint,


burn the windows iso to usb stick

burn super grub2 disk (google it and you will see)

format your hard drive mbr (gparted live cd)

partition the way you want your hard drive to end up (also gparted live cd)

install linux mint

install windows off of usb stick (important that it is on a usb stick otherwise it will try to reformat to gpt instead of mbr)

put in super grub2 disk

boot into linux mint

open terminal


sudo update-grub


you should now have a working dual boot environment with windows and linux mint.


if you should have any problems, let me know.

also the linux mint forums are a great place if that is the distribution you choose.

What's DOS?
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Re: V570 UEFI problem

  Hello! Thanks for your help.. My laptop is a Lenovo V570 and I installed Windows 7 Professional 64bit first. Then I tried to install a linux system (Fedora 14 or Ubuntu 11 - 64bit ), but after the normal reboot, it goes directly in Windows (without any grub loader option).

 I carefully read all this topic, but unfortunately I can't perform the first step that you adviced me : "create a usb bootable flash drive from Windows 7 Professional x64". I googled and none of the followings steps worked:

 1)  On the step 12: "bootsect /NT6o K:", I get: "This tool can only be run on systems booted using a PC/AT BIOS. This system was booted using EFI or some other firmware type"

 2) Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool : Bootsect failed when attempting to make bootable.


 I must tell you that I have a lot of experience on installing dual systems: Windows + Fedora (or Ubuntu), but now with this EFI I have a lot of headache. I'm trying to find a way to install Windows no GPT or no EFI, but nothing on the web.. Smiley Sad


 What is the reason for installing first linux and after windows?


 Kind regards to you!   

What's DOS?
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Re: V570 UEFI problem



Question: The LinuxMint that you referred is on 64 bits? I'm asking that because I'm still hanging with installing 2 operating system on 64 bits (Windows7 and Fedora19). Until now I succeed with Windows 7 x64 and Fedora 19 x86.. Thank you in advance for your help!

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